Another term for "tail" which is another term for "getting some" or you could just be blunt and say "sex."

Get ass in Davis here:

  • Frat Parties - though you might get those Sorority Girls, they are okay, too.
  • Bro Parties
  • The Grad - often filled with Freshmen, but hey, people always need to eat at the DC
  • Davis Coeds dot com - It's off the internet, but I know people who have gotten lucky without even having to risk human contact. Plus it is a pretty cool site.
  • Facebook - Yet again, off the internet. However, if one feels lonely, simply search for people that are looking for "random play" and you could get lucky.

If you're on LiveJournal and like ass, you can check out the UC Davass community: - beware, it isn't active at all.

ASS can also refer to the Aggie Student Store (see Glossary)