Photo by Ivan Kozik

The Australian Collection primarily features trees and shrubs native to Australia. Tall eucalyptus trees, with their distinctive aromatic leaves, dominate the north bank of the creek. With more than 50 species of this native Australian genus, the trees vary from tall and erect specimens to broadly-spreading small trees. Throughout the collection, their characteristic camphor-like fragrance fills the air. A fine collection of bottlebrush, Callistemon, and honey-myrtles, Melaleuca, lines the path near the old bridge. Across the creek, new plantings of showy Australian flowering plants complement older plantings that feature plants from various regions in the world with a Mediterranean climate.

Photo by Mia Ingolia Photo by Mia Ingolia Photo by Mia Ingolia A gift by Arley Firch Photo by Mia Ingolia Photo by Mia Ingolia Some of the trees from the Australian Collection