Roe Building, Corner of Fifth Street and G Street
439 G Street
Servicing you Monday through Saturday, by appointment. Walk ins also welcome.
(530) 756-7777
Roxie Battaglia
January 2, 2010

Avant Garde Studio is a salon that opened its doors on January 2, 2010, in the Roe Building at the corner of Fifth Street and G Street in downtown Davis. Avant Garde Studio is owned by Roxie Battaglia, formerly of Roxie at David's Haircutting, and Roxies.

This lovely new salon provides a beautiful setting along with a highly trained staff to meet your beauty needs.  Avant Garde Studio offers a full selection of professional products for retail to help maintain your new style.  They do Brazilian blowouts as well as consultations for weddings and formal occasions. They utilize organic, vegan-friendly products and avoid the use of formaldehyde, toulene, dibutyl, phthatiate (DBP), and camphor.  Stop in or call for an appointment.





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Roxie at David's Haircutting

The following comments dated September 2008 through October 2009 were provided to Roxie while she worked at David's Haircutting.

2008-09-03 16:31:06   Roxie has been cutting my hair for 20 years and I wouldn't go to anyone else. I was happy to discover that she had started working again at David's in Orange Court, an easy location in downtown Davis. Thank you for coming back!!! —patquinn

2008-09-14 18:06:12   Just got a great haircut and color from Roxie! She was easy to talk to and understood what I wanted. Definitely going back. —ml

2008-10-02 08:45:16   I'm a guy with thick hair so I have trouble getting a good haircut. Roxie did a great job! My buddy said she was great and now I believe it. —TonyB

2008-10-02 08:49:32   I heard really good things about Roxie and now I know they are true! With my curly hair I can't just go anywhere for a haircut. Roxie gave me cute short haircut that made my hair really look its best. She also recommended some great products. I'm definitely going back. —EGrace

2008-10-11 16:59:10   Roxie gives a great haircut. I'm glad she's back in business; I know I can come to her and get a great cut every time! —Derek007

2008-10-16 08:14:24   what a fantastically pleasurable experience. i was told to go to roxie by a friend, and i am so glad i did. i recieved the best hair cut i have ever had, and left feeling suspiciously over confident. —m.templin

2008-10-16 20:27:26   David haircutting had great reviews. I called for an appointment but he was busy, so was referred to Roxie. I recieved an excellent hair cut and with the student discount the price was right. Everyone knows how hard it is to find someone who does your hair exactly the way you want and I have found Roxie. —lbaugh

2008-10-16 20:46:27   I went to Roxie because David was booked up and I really needed to get a cut that Saturday. David told Roxie who then called me and she thankfully stayed after her normal hours to see me at 6:30pm. She had a great personality and we conversed a lot during the whole cut. She gave me a great cut and really knows how to make someone feel better about themselves. Although I will always be loyal to David as long as I'm in Davis, I would recommend Roxie to anyone. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-12-06 12:32:47   I went to Roxie because of the reviews here, on DavisWiki. It was a great decision - Roxie did a lovely job on my hair and I loved the way it turned out! I'd worn my hair the same way for a long time, so I wanted to try getting bangs. Roxie worked around the massive cowlick I've got, and my new bangs look exactly the way I wanted. I'll definitely be recommending her to my friends! —romylmn

2009-01-05 12:19:12   Roxie worked some serious magic on my long, thick, curly hair. She listened to my concerns, came up with awesome suggestions, and then transformed my out of control hair into a shiny, bouncy, super flattering bob. After years of bad cuts I can finally feel comfortable with my natural curls. I can't recommend Roxie enough!


2009-01-09 13:48:22   I went to Roxie for highlights and a cut and she did an awesome job!! She listened to what I wanted and did it exactly how I wanted it! I loved the way she did my hair! I will definently go to her again!! —AimeeB

2009-01-12 18:12:08   I have been thinking about cutting my hair very short for a while, but I knew with a daring cut like that it could either be really good or really bad. I explained to Roxie exactly what I wanted and we looked at pictures together. She gave me a great pixie cut that I just love. She has very reasonable rates, and I immediately felt comfortable with her. —ERHogan

2009-01-28 09:40:42   I was recommended to Roxie from a friend. She did a wonderful job! I was nervous about cutting my hair too short but she suggested it would look good. She followed what I requested and it was a good cut. After blowing drying it, I realized shorter would look more sassy so asked her to trim it some more and she did. She spent a lot of time on my hair and gave me a wonderful cut. I will defiantly reccomend her to anyone! She's an artist. —gena

2009-03-03 15:53:44   Roxie has been cutting my hair since 1994 and her cuts are definitely the best I've ever had. I moved away from California in 2003, and I still go back to her whenever possible. I wear my hair in a swing cut that looks like it would be simple, but it's apparently very hard to achieve. Since I left Davis, I've gone to stylists all over the country (some of them in very swanky, big-name salons) and no one has ever done the cut as smoothly and precisely as Roxie. She's a magician with a pair of scissors and she really loves cutting hair which makes her the ideal stylist for folks who want a fabulous cut that falls into place naturally with no fuss, no muss—straight or curly, long or short, Roxie does it all. Not only that, she entertains you at the same time with wonderful stories about travel, Bay Area shopping, antiques, home renovations, Davis history, you name it. Treat yourself to a haircut by Roxie—you'll have a great time and your hair will look fabulous!


2009-03-06 16:50:38   I just went to Roxie for the first time and loved her and the cut she gave me. What a sweet person, so easy to chat with, and a great hairstylist. I am almost never happy with my haircuts, but I am really happy with this one. —Mara

2009-03-18 07:27:20   I went to Roxie wanting a completely different hairstyle and she did an awesome job. My hair was past my shoulders in length and I wanted to get a shaggy bob. Roxie made it happen. I've gotten so many complements. Thanks. —Jennifier

2009-04-17 13:55:49   Searching to get my haircut I came across Roxie @ David's on this wiki. Once I was tired of reading all of the great reviews, I scheduled an appointment. Yes, there's a reason why there are so many great reviews. Truely the best haircut I've ever had. Highly recommend! —PaulH

2009-04-23 16:04:05   Hi Roxie! You gave me the best haircut of my life. I have gotten TONS of compliments! Thank you so much :) —kchacon

2009-04-30 08:39:56   I went in o Roxie yesterday, and she did an amazing job! She really listened to what I wanted and explained how I could achieve te same styling as she styled my hair after the cut. She was very friendly and showed that she cared to make me look my best. I would definitely go back! —sammyjwang

2009-05-07 15:46:15   Definitely a great place, had a pleasant talk, learned a few interesting things about Hawaii and definitely got a good haircut in return. Thanks again Roxie! —tsssai

2009-05-15 07:28:48   Roxie gave me a great haircut! She took time to find out what I really wanted and then made it happen! It was a great experience, and the cut still looks good a day later :) Couldn't ask for more.. —EmilyP

2009-06-02 17:38:32   Was referred to Roxie from my roommate who loved her cut and thought Roxie did a great job. Not only did she cut my hair the way I asked, but she spent a lot of time showing me different ways to wear the cut (curly and straight). Then she told me to call her if I had any questions about styling it at home and said I could come in sometime to style it myself with her watching to give me tips! She was very friendly and knowledgeable about hair. Definitely recommend her! —KMeo

2009-07-01 13:43:02   Roxie started cutting my hair 25 years ago when both our sons were in Little League together. Her hair cuts are consistently good. We have seen each other through all of life's ups and downs, but Roxie remains upbeat and cheerful through it all. As long as she is cutting hair, I would never go to anyone else. She is the best! —JamieBoston

2009-08-27 10:22:45   10 years ago I made my first appointment with Roxie. All I wanted was the same haircut I have been doing for years. Roxie cut my hair that same way for about 5 years until the day I got enough courage to change my hairstyle. Roxie knows hair she knew exactly what to do with my thin, straight, no body hair. Both her and myself came up with my new look; a new fresh haircut and I loved it. I always have Roxie cut my hair; she is one I can trust to cut my hair the same or give me a new style whenever I choose. I was very bummed when she was not working and had to get my hair cut elsewhere. I had one bad hair cut in her absence and chose not to see another hairdresser for about 6 months. I did not know what to do, and then I heard Roxie was back. I made an appointment right then and have been seeing since. I missed Roxie while she was gone but I am ecstatic that she is back. —jofish

2009-09-04 17:14:17   Had to have my hair cut by the fabulous Roxie after my boyfriend came home bragging about his hair (Paul H)!! Thank you Roxie for a great experience and wonderful haircut! Anais —AnaisD

2009-09-17 19:20:52   Roxie has cut my hair twice and I will not go to anyone else! My haircut was so good that a customer at my work insisted on taking pictures of me and bringing them to Roxie to get the exact same cut. I think she is a true professional - amazing! —jheinlein

2009-10-09 16:04:24   I got a haircut from Roxie a couple of weeks ago. Hands down, it was the best haircut I have ever gotten. I got a haircut earlier that same day and it was a disaster, and I called David's to see if they could get me in and half an hour later I was sitting in the chair explaining my situation. I wanted a particular style, described it to Roxie and showed her a picture, and it ended up exactly the way I wanted. She was really cool to talk to and again, is amazing at what she does. I highly, highly recommend her! —linz7204

2009-10-20 18:58:21   My hairstylist whom I was going to since I was a freshman in college decided to retire just earlier this year. So I went to someone else and let's just say that didn't work out so well at all. So I heard Roxie was the best and decided I might as well give it a shot. Well, she's everything everybody has said she is! She's super friendly and down to earth and easy to talk to. We conversed the entire time even though the shop was quiet and empty. She cut it EXACTLY the way I wanted it to be but made it even better! I told her I wanted "sexy hair" and she made that happen. It was $50 but that's because my hair was super long to begin with (almost to my butt), and that included a shampoo and wash, the cut, and she even took the time to style it. She gave lots of advice on how to style and volumnize my hair since I'm not so crafty with how to do my hair. In the end? I ended up with sexy Victoria's Secret model hair, walked out super happy and confident, and found my new hairdresser. I will definitely be back and I'll definitely be recommending Roxie to everyone I know! —syang

Roxie at Avant Garde Studio

2010-01-11 21:27:07   I've been in Davis for three years and have visited several salons with uneven success. Last week I tried Avant Garde Studio, and Roxie gave me the best haircut I've had in years. I leafed through a hair magazine on the waiting room table and showed her a photo of what I wanted. She gave me a gorgeous haircut, shaping my hair exactly how I wanted it. After the haircut, Marjan did a wonderful job on my eyebrows. I was a little scared to try threading, but it was a lot quicker with better results than plucking and not nearly as painful / face-reddening as waxing. Highly recommend both of them! —davis.renter

2010-01-13 16:55:42   Roxie has been cutting my hair and my husbands for 14 years. We would follow her anywhere she does business. Her new salon Avant Garde is wonderful. Not only will she give you the haircut you desire but she will truthfully advise you on what your hair can "do" and what's right for your lifestyle. She also carefully selects the other stylists in her salon and I would expect them all to be good. —lindad

2010-01-13 20:55:47   Every time I leave Roxie I am so happy with my hair. I don't ever want to move out of Davis because I don't ever want to have to find someone new to cut my hair. She is amazing! —jheinlein

2010-01-22 01:45:52   Roxie never fails! Every time I need a haircut, I know that by having her cut my hair, i am guaranteed to walk away happy. Even when I move back home, I will make the trek back here just so that Roxie can cut my hair. I've told multiple people about Roxie and they continue to tell me how great she is. Good job Roxie and will be seeing you soon. =] —marinaface

2010-01-23 16:38:22   After reading all the great reviews about Roxie, I decided to make an appointment with her. It was the best haircut that I have ever received. I came in with long hair, about to my waist, and wanted it cut a little below shoulder length with bangs and layers. I showed her a picture of what I wanted and it turned out exactly like it. It is such a relief to have found someone who does such a wonderful job. —JennS

2010-01-27 18:39:02   Marjan has been threading my eyebrows for me since I first moved to Davis 2 years ago. I found her first at Nina's and was so impressed with her work, not to mention the fact that it is very difficult to find a person who even performs the service. When I lived in NY and LA, I never had trouble finding a good threading specialist. When I moved to Davis, I was at a loss because I couldn't find anyone who would even do threading let alone do it right. I was so relieved to find Marjan, she is such an artist and my eyebrows always look perfect after I visit her. I was excited to find out that she also cut and colored hair and was curious to see if her hairdressing skills measured up to her threading skills. Well, she surpassed my expectations. She gave me a beautiful trendy haircut that complimented the texture of my hair and the shape of my face. I have also been dyeing my "mostly" grey hair myself for the past 10 years, ultimately ending up with a color that is too dark and mousy. I consulted with Marjan about a color change and she knew exactly what to do. I trusted her due to my previous experiences and just let her "have her way" with my hair. She decided to add highlights to my hair to lighten it gradually. She chose a beautiful color that actually made me look 10 years younger. She was fast and efficient and her conversation was so wonderful that time flew by. I felt like I was hanging out with my best girlfriend and before I knew it my hair was done, and done beautifully. If you are a eyebrow wax type of girl, I highly recommend you give Marjan a try. Her threading techniques are fast and less painful than waxing. I also never have to worry about "chemical burns" on my eyebrows, as every girl who waxed my eyebrows in Davis would burn me. I am so glad that I found Marjan because she is good at all of these services and it is like one stop shopping for me. The salon Avante Garde is beautiful and comfortable. Marjan is the only girl who has impressed me enough to forget about my previous "overpriced" and "overhyped" stylists in NYC. —Keira

2010-02-01 16:18:31   I first had my eyebrows threaded by Marjan at another salon, and after I discovered the magic she works at haircutting, I haven't had my hair cut by anyone else since. She does a beautiful job, caters to your needs, and is friendly and flexible. My eyebrows turn out great every time, too, and she's incredibly fast at threading them. She is clearly skilled at what she does and applies her talent to help make my hair stylish and more manageable. —RoseRed

2010-02-08 10:10:26   So good to see Roxie back in business!!!! The salon is so beautiful,great location and relaxed environment!!! —lreynolds104

2010-02-12 16:23:58   Candice used to be at the Style Lounge. She is great! Friendly, down-to-earth, and very skilled. —JanieBooth

2010-02-17 19:08:24   I moved to Davis in September and I've been having a terrible time trying to find a hairdresser. Then I found Roxie!! She is amazing! I went to her yesterday and she was so nice. She showed me what other people had been doing wrong and told me each step of the way what she was doing and why she was doing it. I was getting over a cold and she was so sweet when I started to cough she asked if I needed water or anything. My hair looks amazing and she listened to exactly what I wanted. I will definetely be going back! Thanks Roxie! —JessH

2010-02-20 15:38:09   I went to Roxie with a vague idea of what I wanted done: more layers, maybe some bangs. She walked through how my hair would react to various options, and gave her opinion on what would be best. I went with her intuition and it turned out great! I absolutely love my new haircut!! She clearly knows hair and is very professional. She's friendly and even took time at the end of the cut to give me detailed tips about how to care and style my hair. I'll definitely become a regular, and would recommend her to anyone! —MHaymond

2010-03-18 21:19:49   I had a great experience here! Candice did a great job and gave me just what I asked for. The salon is super bright and clean, and the other customers and stylists all seemed to be enjoying themselves. It's not any more pricey than anywhere else in Davis. Although the assistant/receptionist guy was somewhat unprofessional and kept bouncing around interrupting stylists, it didn't have too negative of an impact on my overall experience. I will definitely be back! —jmofro

2010-03-27 22:43:09   Went to Roxie for the first time and she was great as expected! Have had a bad experience with Marjan and her threading in the past though, do not recommend. —5thAve

2010-04-14 14:46:59   I followed Jennifer here, and have been going to see her for all my hair needs for over a year now. I can only say good things about her! She really listens to what I want and never fails to translate it to hair, and she can totally work with my wavy hair. Once I wanted it little shorter in front and she trimmed it up for free. She's so sweet and I would recommend her to anyone! —madanielelwicz

2010-04-15 13:52:38   I just got back from a haircut and I LOVE JENNIFER! I was a walk-in since I'm usually so crammed with things to do so once I had a free moment, I went in to see if anyone could do my hair. I've had Roxie do my hair before but she was busy so Jennifer said she'd fit me in. She really listens to what you want and are asking and then works her magic, but makes your hair look even better! I have flat hair and I told her I needed some volume up top, lots of front and back layers, and side bangs. By the time she was done, it was soooo pretty. The layers were beautiful and she gave me a lot of volume. She even gave me lots of tips on how to voluminize my fine hair. Honestly, I thought Roxie did a great job the first time, Jennifer was just AWESOME! She's one of the younger gals in the shop and she's sooo friendly & easy to talk to. We did some interesting girl talk but she's also very professional when talking about hair. She even hugged me when I left! :) She only charged $50 and that was for an hour of shampoo & conditioner, wash, cut, blowdry, and styling. I definitely recommend her to everyone and will be sending my friend there soon. :D I think I've finally found my stylist, and I am definitely willing to pay $50 plus tips for her haircuts! —syang

2010-04-30 15:56:13   This place is great! I just went in for the first time and got my hair cut by Jennifer (Jen). She was awesome! I have gotten so many compliments about my haircut! I have wavy thick hair and Jen cut it short and layered it. It's really pretty and playful. The best part is that I can straighten it or leave wavy; it's so easy to style. Jen is super friendly and gave me such great tips about hair products and styling. I definitely recommend this place! —davisgirl08

2010-05-03 11:32:21   Colored my hair and had highlights done, and a new cut as well. Being a newbie, I asked my stylist, Candice, for recommendations, and she was amazingly helpful. Now everyone says I look 10 years younger! Love the place, and love Candice! —fmmama

2010-05-19 17:08:31   I went in a little nervous, because three years ago, I had a terrible experience at a hair salon. But after looking at all the good reviews this place got, I decided to give it a try. And OMG, Roxie is the most amazing hair stylist ever! She took my boring long course hair and completely made me over. Plus, she even gave me tips on how to take care of my new do and even styled my new hair to show me how. I'm going to tell all my friends to go there! —hyangdan

2010-05-27 20:27:47   This is my second review for Roxie, but she is so great I figured she deserved two :) I went in for my second appt with her just for a trim. I ended up flipping through a magazine and found a hairstyle I really loved. Normally I'm really nervous about changing my hairstyle, but I trust Roxie and I was in desperate need of a change. I asked her how it would look on me and she said I had the perfect hair for it. A little while later my hair was similar to the picture, but cut for my face and hair. I love it. She showed me how to style it and even let me come back the next week for free to show me how to curl it. I absolutely love Roxie. If you are going to go to anyone in Davis to get your hair cut, or even the greater Sacramento area, go to Roxie!!! —JessH

2010-06-01 19:20:03   :D had a whole new haircut at Roxie. It was really short, but like she said, it turned out pretty great! even my friends think this is far better haircut than any of the ones i had before. Pretty happy with it! —KennethPoon

2010-06-05 21:24:49   Does anyone roughly know the cost of getting a color or highlights? —elles

2010-07-18 13:03:55   I got an all-over color for around $90, I think. Highlights are probably the same. Roxie is just awesome. I've gone to her for about four haircuts now, and I've sent three of my friends to her with all different types of hair and styles and we all came out looking great. Her technique is excellent - I've never had someone cut my hair so precisely and confidently. The color was good too, nice product, and the answers she gave to my very many questions all turned out to be correct. Coming from a large metro area, I was nervous about a "small town" stylist doing my hair, but Roxie can hang with the best. I'm calling her tomorrow to schedule my next appointment!! —LauraLibby

2010-07-19 14:33:14   Great haircut. Nice woman. I also like that there is a coffee shop right next door. Not the cheapest place in town— but you get what you pay for. Roxie is definitely worth it! —KileyA

2010-07-22 19:26:46   I first went to Leslie at Style lounge in December '09. I brought a picture of what I wanted and she did a GREAT job. I LOVED it (and I'm really picky about color jobs). This time around, I had a coupon for Style Lounge and due to the great reviews for Jerry (although people had said that he was really hit or miss), I decided I would try it just this one time. I brought him a picture of what I wanted, and overall he did an okay job, except that he gave me a good 3 shades lighter than what I wanted. I have black hair, and it was straight up bleached-colored blonde. He told me that I just had to get use to it but if i changed my mind (which he didnt think I would do), I could go back for another treatment of toner. After a week, I still didnt like my unnatural-looking highlights. I scheduled an appointment with Leslie so she could look at my hair, and she said she would fix my hair- I would just have to pay for the toner $15 (what a deal!). I was also pleasantly surprised to see that she keeps records of everyone who she styles, so she knew exactly what she did to my hair last time! I came back a few days later and needless to say, my hair looks AMAZING. I will NEVER go to another stylist again. Leslie is seriously amazing!!! —StephanieNg

2010-08-03 16:49:19   Does anyone know what just a haircut runs? —kayhale

2010-09-10 16:49:38   Roxie cut my hair when she was still at David's Haircutting. She probably gave me the best cuts that any stylist ever gave me in my life. Unfortunately, good quality sometimes costs more to get, and on my budget, I just couldn't justify spending that amount to get my hair cut there every two weeks. Nonetheless, if you want a great cut, she's a very reliable and skilled stylist to go to. —RonB

2010-12-11 16:35:49   LOVE LOVE LOVE I scheduled an appointment with Roxie and was lucky she was able to fit me in the next day. I have been looking for a good hair salon in Davis since my freshman year. The salon is clean, cute, and easy to find. All of the staff was polite and helpful. Roxie was great! She was super friendly and worked with my poor explanation of what I wanted done to my hair - asking questions to help me clarify exactly how I wanted it to look instead of just guessing and going for it. She made it look cute and natural and offered great tips on styling it! I will definitely be going back! —Tier

2011-02-20 16:19:28   I went to Avant Garde after Nina's Salon and one other place were closed even though their hours indicated they should be open. I walked in and Angelica was able to help me right then. I will never go anywhere else but Avant Garde!! I've been getting highlights for 9 years and this is the best my hair has ever looked. The cut was perfect, the color was perfect, and I didn't spend as much as I normally do. Angelica certainly has a gift for hair and all that goes with it, as well as being really friendly and genuinely interested in her customers. I am so happy I've found a place that does such a good job, I just wish I had found out before the end of my senior year at UCD! —BettyJohnson

2011-03-21 09:18:32   Roxie did a fanTAStic job with my hair. I went from shoulder-length to pretty short, and it looks amazing. She was also really helpful and told me how she was styling my hair so I could get the same effect at home. She's the best hairstylist I've ever had, and you can tell that she loves styling people's hair. I think it makes all the difference. I really recommend her! —Inyx

2011-04-06 23:03:14   Roxie is an angel! I was feeling down on my luck, and not only did she give me great haircut, but also advice on how to see the silver lining! She is a great role model, as a strong woman and a business owner. I could tell by the haircut that she has an intuition for what looks good on each person. She gave me great style tips, and even some hairspray to take home. Before Roxie I got a haircut from Candice, who was also did a great job. Love the studio design and the location. Definitely going back! xo —antares

2011-04-30 01:03:42   Roxie is a rockstar! I have never cut my hair professionally and it's been 15 years since my last cut so I was very nervous when looking for a hairstylist. I looked at all of the hair salons in Davis and I had to go with Roxie because of all the rave reviews I found and I'm so happy I did. She was reassuring, helpful and confidant. She actually cared about my feelings. Because my hair was so long this haircut was a big deal and Roxie treated it as such. It wasn't just another haircut to her. She was invested in my hair as much as I was. She gave me ideas about what I would look great in and it made my choices easier. All around, she made this process relaxing and fun. Also, I LOVE my new hairstyle. I'm definitely going back —Jennymei

2011-07-31 13:29:35   Roxie did a great job cutting my hair! She also took the time to show me how to style my hair the way she did in the salon. Also Marjan did a great job threading my eyebrows. I would absolutely recommend them! —AngelaReed

2011-08-06 16:05:50   WORST HAIR CUT OF MY LIFE! Seriously, I will never go back to Roxie again...I have been mourning the loss of my beautiful hair for months :( —hithere

2011-08-09 19:28:40   Dear hithere. Hi, this is Roxie. I am devastated to read your comment. My life is my hair salon. I have been in the business for over 38 years with a goal of making everyone who comes to me experience a unique and satisfying experience. I truly understand how important hair styling plays in everyone’s life. Please come back to my salon so we can discuss your dissatisfaction. Trust me I will do anything to have you leave satisfied including refunding your money, personally styling your hair again, having one of my associates style your hair, or paying for another salon to cut your hair. Your happiness is my only concern. Look forward to seeing from you. —Roxiebattaglia

2011-08-09 20:12:15   I had a really great experience at Avant Garde. I hadn't gotten my hair cut for more than $15, ever, but decided to take the plunge a couple months ago and try a short asymmetrical cut that called for more skill than Supercuts might offer. I showed Roxie a couple pictures and she went to it. It took me a while to get used to it (and let me tell you I got nervous when she brought out the buzzer thing), but now I love my cut and have had a ton of compliments, even from strangers. It still looks good more than eight weeks later, which I imagine is hard to do with a short cut like this.

The one downside is that this place is out of my price range. My cut cost $54 total ($45 plus 20% tip). I realize that's a reasonable price for a place like this and a cut this skillful, but I don't know if the cost is sustainable for a student like me. —MeggoWaffle

2011-09-01 14:29:45   This a fantastic, welcoming, clean salon with a wonderful ambiance. It is worth making an appointment at the salon even if you live out of town-you will leave happy with a new color, cut, etc. Jennifer Marks, my stylist of five years recently moved here and she is a brilliant and creative artist. Artist? Yeah. It takes a skilled eye to be able to mix a color based on a person's skin tone, eye color, eyebrows, etc. I've never said more than "maybe a bit of this and a bit 'o that" and she always mixes the exact color that I had imagined. In addition to being a skilled stylist Jen is a good friend to all of her clients and most of them confide in her. She never forgets the details and inquires after them after months of not visiting. So, I suppose I should write her a therapy review as well?

The other stylists are all very talented and warm, but I cannot personally recommend them, so read other reviews. Roxi cut my bangs once and she did a fantastic job. That's all I have on any other stylist though-sorry! —Kkaffka

2011-09-03 15:07:39   I woke up this morning and I just needed my hair cut! I had my hair cut by another salon almost a year ago and I was very unhappy without the outcome. So instead of researching for the best cut on a budget - I came to Avant Garde since the comments are overwhelmingly positive! I walked-in at 12 and Roxie got me an hour with Angelica at 1. And I absolutely love the cut Angelica gave me! I went from a very long length (middle of my back) to just below my shoulders. Angelica was really great about working with the problems my hair presented (I have very fine hair) as well as checking her work over and over (which was amazing as my previous cut at a different salon in Davis resulted in full length pieces of hair in my bangs!). The cut came to $50 before tip - but with the quality of her work, I will definitely be back! Even on a student's budget! :) —thecouple

2011-10-02 13:00:57   I've come to Candice for my last couple hair cuts and colorings. She's great with the eclectic hair styles that are a bit more unusual than the norm. I have black hair that's super hard to color, but she managed to do a great job with getting the right blond color without taking forever. For the last haircut, I had long hair and wanted to cut it pretty short. She left it a little longer than I was expecting, but I was fine with it (looked good anyways =)). I think she left it longer b/c girls with long hair tend to get all weepy after losing all that hair. I wouldn't have (really wanted it all off), but I can understand where she's coming from lol. She asked me a few times if I was sure about cutting it all off just to make sure. She's very considerate and has your best interest in mind. I don't think I can afford to come here that often, but it's worth it when you really want "that" hairstyle or coloring that you're sure the cheaper places won't be able to pull off. —vk

2011-10-05 09:26:54   Worst hair cut and colour in my life!!! I had a cut and colour done by Candice a couple of months ago. Truly lovely lady. In fact everyone in the salon were very nice. But none of them are touching my hair again. This is the first time ever that I write a review and I have thought long about it but there is no way around it as I am so upset about my hair. I CANNOT recommend anyone who cares for their hair to go to this salon. Whatever products they use for colouring, they are too harsh. My hair has been completely ruined. I am going to have to get it cut off as it is beyond "repair". I asked for a permanent hair colour matching my natural colour but covering the greys. The colour came out after 3 washes although I used sulphate free shampoo. Even worse than this, what was left was bleached...!! My hair is now 3-4 tones lighter than my natural colour and it is not a nice colour either. It looks sun bleached, dry and rough as hay. And believe this... I have a huge patch of hair at the back of my head that is 2 tones lighter than the rest???!!! I can only wear my hair in a ponytail because it looks awful when I let it hang down. I hate washing it because it takes ages to get all the knots out and I pull out and break so many hairs in each wash. It is also full of split ends now after 2 months. My hair is generally very strong and shiny and I am absolutely shocked that it took one hairdresser one attempt to completely destroy it... Just to make it all worse, Candice's idea of layering my hair was to cut the outer layer (say about a third of the total thickness of my hair) off in what looks like one straight cut half way down the length of my hair. So yes ok, I have a whole two layers in my hair...And one looks like a wig on the top of the rest.. Very very unhappy with this haircut. So much so that I am scared of where to go and get my hair cut next.. Otherwise, I would not have walked around with this thing on my head for 2 months.. I am sure I would be offered a new cut and colour if I went back but there is no way that I will ever set foot in this salon again. —ahp

2011-10-05 13:48:23   In fairness, I think "ahp" should have discussed her concerns with her stylist at Avant Garde Studio before expressing her concerns on Davis Wiki. Many consumers use Wiki for guidance on various businesses. Having been a client of Candice for over five years, it is a pleasure to relax, enjoy the color/cut and feeling rejuvenated after the visit. Many people (even complete strangers) have complimented me on my hair style. Frankly, I let Candice decide how to style my hair (not my area of expertise!) and have never been disapointed. There is always two sides to every issue and I hope "ahp" follows up with the salon directly. —CKangas

2011-10-06 09:56:01   Re: response from CKangas. I'm sorry, I didn't know that Davis Wiki reviews were only for leaving positive comments? That freedom of speech is not allowed on this site? As you say, many people use this site to select different services they may need. I used Davis Wiki to decide on a hairdresser and was impressed with all the good reviews for this salon. And sure, some people are obviously very satisfied with this salon. I, on the other hand, had an absolutely terrible experience and wanted to share this too as other people may end up in the same situation. Once your hair is damaged to the extent that mine was, it is irreversible. It's taken me 2-3 years to grow this length of hair and now I will have to cut it short.. I did go back to Candice and sure, she was very friendly as was the other hairdressers in the salon. Unfortunately, the only explanations they could come up with was that the Davis water was too hard on my hair and I should choose a better shampoo - in fact I was recommended to keep a stock of 2 pairs of different shampoos and conditioners. Well, I am sorry but I have never needed that before going to Avant Garde Studio to have my hair done (and I don't use cheap shampoos either). There was no acknowledgement that perhaps it could have to do with the dye used. I actually left believing it had all to do with my hair and the water.. I agree that the Davis water is not great but it cannot be responsible for the discolouration of my hair nor is it likely that the water caused my hair to go instantly into this knot situation concurrently with having my hair done at Avant Garde Studio. Sure, they are lovely ladies and as said previously, they would probably offer to fix my hair but I have seen enough.. I don't take pleasure in writing this review but it is honest and true. A review site cannot function as such if people are not allowed to express negative opinions.. —ahp

2011-10-07 16:36:54   Candice has styled my hair for over 4 years, and I have to say I have never been disappointed. Candice is friendly, professional, and does great work. I am glad I found her in Davis and would personally vouch for her. Thanks for the great hair Candice! —lawrenceucd

"2011-10-15 12:05:10"   After a not-so-great bang trim experience today, I won't be coming back to this salon. The trim was more like a chop - it's way too short and there is a noticeable chunk missing right in the middle. Needless to say, I am going to learn to trim my own bangs. I'm certain I could do it more successfully than was done at this salon. —mrss

2011-11-26 13:10:54   For less than half of the price I've paid elsewhere, I've been told I look loaded because of my "nice hair." Ha! You go, Roxie! —ec

2011-12-08 23:30:23   I received a cut and a style from Giselle and I absolutely love it! She is a talented and attentive stylist. I would recommend her to anyone. —AynReyes

2011-12-10 20:33:33   (I commented on Leslie's other page but I wanted to put a comment here also in case people do not know she has a page). Leslie is awesome. She has been bleaching my roots and trimming my hair for probably close to a year and my hair always comes out perfectly and takes half the time it has taken other stylists. She is very friendly and easy to contact to make appointments with. —LoriOrf

2012-01-11 17:30:19   Candice Parnell has moved out of Davis, due to her college schedule, and is now working at Jane Salon in Sacramento. We wish her all the best. —patquinn

2012-02-13 14:40:10   Jennifer Marks has now moved to Risto Hair International Located on 325 G. St in Davis! You can contact me at Salon 530-759-7098 or Cell 530-902-3321 cant wait to see you guys there!! :) —JenniferMarks

2012-03-04 19:33:46   I was surprised to get a really bad haircut from the salon owner, Roxie, this week. I thought she would just trim it, give it some shape. Instead, she cut it extremely short, way too short for the proportions of my face. And it's now too short to fix, so going back to speak with her would be useless. (Luckily, it's just hair; I'm just glad that it will grow out — eventually.) She seemed distracted the whole time, and kept talking with coworkers as she cut it. I won't be returning. —AnnOnymous

2012-03-14 20:58:06   I went to Roxie for a haircut about a month ago, and she did a great job. I wanted something a little different (longer side bangs), and they look great. She really listened to what I wanted. I also asked her to clean up some of the layers in the back and they've never looked better. Over time as my hair has grown out a bit, I like it even more. I will definitely be going back to her in the next few months. —BrittanyL

2012-03-28 09:59:46   Just got one of the best haircuts of my life from Erica. Which is pretty amazing, because I gave her a very vague description of what I thought I wanted. She created a style that works with my hair, frames my face perfectly, with an eye to how it will look as it grows. *This* is the haircut I've been waiting for my entire adult life! Thank you, Erica!!! —chartzog

2012-04-10 09:54:04   Happy to follow Tara Stepanick over to Avant Garde - Tara is so awesome, I'd follow her anywhere, and the Avant Garde salon has great ambiance. —AmandaCaudle

2012-04-29 08:51:58   Avant Garde Studio is so pleased to have Tara Stepanick onboard. She is a great addition to our staff, and we are so lucky. She is anxious to see her clients at her new location, and to meet some new ones. Don't hesitate to ask for Tara if you are new to the shop...she'll give you a great hairstyle and service you won't soon forget. —patquinn

2012-05-12 08:08:33   Best guy haircut I've had from Roxie and for a good price!! —TroyTown

"2012-05-13 06:43 Steer clear of Angelica -terrible haircuts and no personality to speak of. DavisLurker

2012-06-05 14:52:24   I had my hair colored and eyebrows threaded by Marjan at Avant Garde. She did a really great job and I would highly recommend her! —AlexandraRochman

2012-06-25 12:42:35   Marjan is ridiculously (and unncessarily) expensive for hair coloring. —DavisLurker

2012-06-30 20:23:58   I have never been so pleased with a haircut/color job in my life! I went to see Erica. She was extremely flexible and took her time with my hair to do a truly meticulous job dyeing my roots and then doing partial foils. I gave her a basic idea of what I wanted (a young, vibrant look, more layers, more blonde) and she took off with it in the best possible way. She gave me $20 off as a new client and took extra time massaging my scalp when she did my shampoo. And also - she's a really awesome woman who I had fun talking to during all of this! Seriously, fantastic job all around. If you're looking to get color done, especially blonding/foils, Erica is the person to see. —AbigaleMoody

2012-06-30 20:30:23   Also, I want to mention - initially I had called and asked for a Japanese straightening treatment. By the time I'd gotten to the studio, I had changed my mind and was wanting a color/cut. At first I was a little annoyed because she was late, but when she arrived at the studio, she apologized profusely and said that the product line for the straightening treatment had changed and she had been reading up on the technique and calling the new company to make sure she did a good job. After that, I was really impressed! Then we discussed my hair and she listened to what I wanted, recommending other ways to tame my hair's frizziness without doing a (more expensive) chemical treatment. This woman loves her job and knows hair, and she will take the time to do things correctly. Seriously, so pleased. :) —AbigaleMoody

2012-08-01 19:56:59   Giselle is an exceptional stylist! She took me from super long hair (over 16 inches) to the cutest pixie cut. I was bit nervous about the change, but after I saw what she did I loved it. I am very very happy with her work. I love the new style she gave me and have received tons of complements on my new look. People have asked how I style my hair too look as good as it does, but honestly, I barely have to do anything to style/maintain my hair as the cut is so phenomenal! Giselle is a super sweet person. She discussed many options with me before and throughout the process to make sure I was happy with the cut. She worked closely with me, listening to what kind of style I wanted, while giving great guidance and suggestions from her professional perspective. She worked efficiently, but at the same time took the time and effort needed to ensure a great cut. Finally, she styled my hair beautifully at the end. If your looking for a new stylist, Giselle is your girl. I would defiantly recommend her to anyone looking for a cut. She can do anything from a simple trim (she trimmed and styled my friend’s hair today and it also looks great!) to a completely new look. She is amazing! And I will definitely be going back to her again. —hipsandheartsxo

2012-10-25 18:18:16   I called the night before I wanted my haircut and was ale to get an appointment with Roxie the very next day. I had long hair and never had it short so this was a big deal to me. Roxie knew this and was extremely supportive. She was very friendly and professional. She recommended a few great hair sculpting products and even gave me free ones.She told me to make sure to come back if I felt like it was to long or I was having problems styling it etc etc. I had a great haircut too. It looks sooo great. I give Roxie 5 stars. I will never go anywhere else. She really is the best! Thanks Roxie! —ErinRandolph

2012-11-03 17:04:37   I went to Antoinette for the first time and interested in putting ombre high lights in my hair. She did an amazing job! She got my hair from 3 different shades with highlights to mostly one shade with ombre highlights. She used and introduced products on my hair that would be good for my hair type as well. I was impressed!! —Heidi024

2012-12-08 17:16:44   Koga has been cutting my hair for over a year and I wouldn't go to anyone else! I went in today to get a hair cut and it turned out great! Plus when she was washing my hair the head massage was so good that I fell asleep. I would recommend Koga to anyone especially if you're looking for a cool edgy cut! —JR

2013-05-28 18:23:35   I went and got a haircut from a male (never told me his name) at Avant Garde today and although I was pleased with my haircut, he overcharged me. Online it says a haircut at Avant Garde is $45, but I was charged $60 dollars. I think the extra $15 may have been becuase he curled my hair, but he asked if I wanted it straight or curled and never mentioned that it would cost more. As a college student, $15 dollars is a lot of money. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be returning. —M.Tori

2013-07-04 00:29:15   Don’t come here unless you wanted to be verbally assaulted and man-handled by the owner, Roxie!

Dropped in due to convenience after getting my waxing done next door and explained that I wanted some layering in the front (basically to accentuate the bangs), as I was interested in growing out my hair for the summer. Didn’t know anything about this salon beforehand but figured layering of the bangs is pretty routine, hair 101 stuff — what can go wrong? Well just about everything!

From the start, the owner, Roxie, was disgruntle, rude, and arrogant that I had opted for a $20 bang trim and not their oh-so-amazing $60 haircut (thank god I didn’t!). Should have taken the cue right there and then to find another salon. Her hairdresser, who was actually quite nice, cuts my hair for about three minutes, tries to give me front layers but it comes out jagged and uneven and not exactly what I had wanted. At that point, I was still willing and trying to work with her hairdresser to get the layers that I wanted. However, in the background, very distractingly, I can hear Roxie, who’s working on another customer at the time, making rude remarks on how I didn’t know what I was talking about and that I’m being cheap for not getting the full hair cut. Her hairdresser continues to work on my hair, I’m giving her more feedback, and then Roxie, herself, comes over without any notice to cut my bangs: “to show me how it’s suppose to be.” Not only does the layering comes out even worse, but Roxie pulls my hair roughly from one side to another while she cuts. At one point she even grab my head and forcefully centers it and yells at me to be still. At this point, I had enough and told her to stop cutting my hair and I vented to her everything that was wrong and unacceptable with this experience: 1) her manhandling of customers; 2) making snarky remarks about her customers in front of them to other people, 3) to not listen to what her customers want, and etc. Her response was to call me the B-word and for me to pay and get out of her salon. I told her I would be more than happy to leave but I shouldn’t be expected to pay after being physically and verbally assaulted by her and the job was not done. But ended up paying anyways bc I don't believe in skipping out on my bill and I didn’t want her hairdresser, who was a nice person, to pay for her crassness.

On the way out, I told her again her behavior was inappropriate and that I felt attacked. She explains it’s bc she’s an alpha female. Honestly, with the way she acted she’s nothing but a classless, alpha B****.

I grew up in Davis and believe strongly in supporting the local business, but never in my life have I had a customer experience worse than this. Don’t come here unless you want to be cursed at or assaulted. but don’t come here unless you want to be cursed out or assaulted. —Qinz

2013-07-11 17:00:16   Giselle is a fabulous stylist, very friendly and efficient! I agree completely with (hipsandheartsxo)'s comment. Giselle listened to my ideas, offered her own suggests when I asked and I ended up with a great haircut that requires no extra work at all. My first haircut was a great experience all around and so was my second! I will be back for my next! —ACA

2014-06-29 16:07:00   Hi there,

If anyone is looking for an amazing hair stylist... Marjan is the right woman for the job! I have been with her for over a year now and love her to death.

She is no longer at this salon, but is still in Davis. She works Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I highly recommend calling her! I found her online and am so thankful that I did. I thought I would pass on the word.

Her number is 1(530) 220-5125.

She truly is the best!!!

Give her a call! <3 —MeaganMurray

2014-08-04 17:12:57   I've been going to Lisha for 4 years. She gets right to the point and accomplishes exactly what you are looking for. Whether I needed a new haircut or highlights, she did a terrific job every time. Best hairdresser I ever had!!! —MichaelaShakina

2015-04-20 00:46:12   Ian Newell has been cutting my hair for years, and I won't let anyone else touch it because he does such an incredible job! He always gives me exactly what I want, even when I change the style every time I see him. Plus he is easy to talk to, and provides great advice. He's my hair therapist. —dvmshane