This is the best way to go about partying. If there is underage parties it relinquishes the party-thrower from the liability of underage people getting fucked up and then doing something stupid and calling attention to the party. Within the last couple years in Davis a few under-21-year-old guys were given free beer and then drove. They got into an accident and killed someone. The people that threw the party and provided the beer were arrested and fined thousands of dollars. This makes many party throwers very leery of providing free booze. Former ASUCD Senator Rob Roy, who lived at the Pirate Ship, said "The era of the keg should end. Free beer is the new date rape drug and I don't want to participate in it. A person should be responsible for not only getting themselves drunk but they should be held responsible for what they do while they are drunk. So BYOB and behave yourself."

Whenever a House Show is being held it is always good to bring your own booze because the people that live there already have to deal with the stress that the noise may bring the police, providing kegs and/or booze to everyone is just too much. Especially when there may be underage people that could lead to more problems.

Bro Parties are usually not BYOB.

It is best to always bring your own booze because if the party is BYOB then you will have booze. If the party does have free booze then you will just have extra.