Although not as much of a maze as the Death Star, you might still get lost here. Maybe you'll find someone else to help you? Maybe Black Mesa? That was a joke! Haha! Fat chance!

Bainer Hall was named after Roy Bainer, the founding dean of the College of Engineering. It is located right behind the Silo, next to a big circular grass area. Walking too far will get you to the Physics Building.

The building houses the departments of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, as well as Civil Engineering laboratories. Ground was broken on the building in 1966.

Based on its shape, if the building were a spaceship, it would be a Y-wing or maybe the Enterprise.

The student engineering shop is also located in Bainer. If you take lab shop class you can learn to make all kinds of cool stuff.

On the roof is a windmill. In front of the building is the Tau Beta Pi Bent.

Other buildings within the College of Engineering include Kemper Hall and EU III.

The Air Quality Research Center is headquartered here. The Concrete Canoe lab is also located here.

One might consider avoiding the elevators in the building. Not only do they make loud rumbling noises all the time, but they tend to require maintenance even after recent inspections.