Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan is the Taiko club at UC Davis. It was founded by John Shinozaki and Stacey Clark in 2001. John was a freshman when he decided to establish a Taiko club at UC Davis. He only had two years of Taiko experience and one pair of bachi to begin with. John named the club Bakuhatsu, which means "explosion" to symbolize his enthusiasm for the ancient art form.

The club survives through outside donations and contributions from the club members themselves. Members build each Taiko drum from wine barrels and cow hide.

Since their first performance, Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan has been invited to perform at numerous campus and community events including UC Davis Picnic Day, BUZZ, games with the Sacramento Kings, Asian Pacific Culture Week and at local schools.

Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan promotes the appreciation of Japanese culture, pride in one's heritage, teamwork and friendship.

Practice now is now held at the ARC:

  • Wednesday 10pm - Midnight
  • Sunday 8pm - 10pm