Barry Klein was the Vice Chancellor for Research" at UC Davis from May 2001 to September 2010. He came to UC Davis in 1992 to chair the physics department. In 1998 he was appointed Vice Provost for Academic Personnel.

In April of 2002, Barry Klein and the UC Davis Conflict of Interest Committee removed the lone student seat on the UC Davis Conflict of Interest Committee. The committee advises the Vice Chancellor for Research on ways to prevent industry and other financial interests from biasing the research conducted at UC Davis.

A graduate student had applied for the student spot for two consecutive years. The seat was never filled during that period, and they removed the seat after the student made the incident public. Another student had served on the committee only a couple years before.

It is customary for all UC Davis Administrative Advisory Committees to have student representation. Other than the CIC, only 2 of the 19 committees described on the Chancellor's committee web site1 do not grant representation to students: the Animal Use and Care Committee (which oversees experimental practices at facilities like the UC Davis Primate Research Center) and the Radiation Safety Committee.

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1. prior URL of no longer valid since last launch of website