Ben in KDVS, mid 2002 Ben rocking the Sacramento Noisefest T-shirt

Ben Duax is the high school dropout son of UC Davis Communications professor Paul Duax. Ironically Ben’s mother is also an educator. Ben is by no means a moron, although he may seem socially incontinent to the uninitiated. He is one of the most popular, and infamous, people in this town, bridging the divides between crusty townies, college kids, and pubescent miscreants.

He has had a show on KDVS since he was 14 years old, and is an artist of the most decadent post-modern breed. He was posting cryptic flyers in town long before the Campus Crusade for Chaos and Confusion or SOSSS. RobRoy coined the term Duaxian Art in reference to the computer printer litter Ben staples to telephone poles. Ben also has poetic inclinations and has performed admirably at Delta of Venus's venue. Ben Duax, Feb. 13, 2005

Having matured under the tutelage of the legendary Donkey Flybye—a founding member of the influential experimental band Smegma—and others at KDVS in the late-90s, Ben's musical and artistic tastes developed rapidly toward the pleasantly-obscene grandiloquence in evidence today. He recently created a four-hour feedback loop by re-routing KDVS' compressed on-air transmission over the live airwaves. In addition to the widely-recognized Duaxian telephone pole art, Ben has performed a noise routine at the Davis Art Center and been an integral, if iconoclastic, member of several lust and slander-driven musical projects based in Davis' high school population. Private meditations on Ben's future artistic possibilities send lubricious shivers of guilty anticipation through even the most pious and reactionary members of the Davis gentry.

According to Ben Duax, "The phenomenon of cocktails that use Gin as their main ingredient being replaced by drinks that substitute for Vodka is the primary function of the collapse of western society." (paraphrased) -Andy Pastalaniec

Although only 19 years old, Ben deserves to be on the Davis Mount Rushmore.

Rumor also has it that today's incarnation of Mr. Duax may have been, at least in part, shaped by a dosing of acid administered clandestinely at a junior high party in 1998. StevenDaubert heard of this, and I think I saw him at Day on the Green the party that is referenced. When I learned of this I though it really really fucking sucks, I believe the method of ingestation was a jolly rancher. Daub also enjoyed the CCNA class at DHS with Mr. Duax, and he indeed does kick ass.

In November of 2005 Ben traveled to Mississippi work to repair the damage of Hurricane Katrina.

As of 1/16/07 Mr. Duax will be pursuing education in The City (SF) more info to come.

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Recently I ran into Duax when he was back from the city, he is pursing education full time, and should soon be employed "kicking crackheads out of the office max on mission" He had an interesting comment about the gentrification of Davis, I will try and get him to elaborate. —StevenDaubert