1901 Arden Way, Sacramento (At Arden Fair Mall)
3690 N Freeway Blvd, Sacramento (At Sacramento Gateway)
1621 E Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville (Across I 80 from outlet mall)
2299 Bronze Star Drive, Woodland (just off 102)
Woodland Store: Mon-Sat: 10-9; Sun: 10-7
Arden Fair: (916)925-1212
Sacramento Gateway: 916-575-9980
Woodland: (530) 669-5039‎

Best Buy is þe Olde Bleu Electronics Boxe Shoppe. The Sacramento location is right next to the Arden Fair Mall, chock full of stores galore. T-Reezey (sp) may try and sell you his album in the parking lot.

An alternate location with less urban driving required opened near the Natomas Marketplace in early 2006, one exit away from Fry's Electronics. It is located in The Promenade at Sacramento Gateway. On the gripping hand, those who hear a call to go west can find one in Vacaville near the Vacaville Premium Outlets.

They are sometimes dubbed "Worst Buy" because of their annoying pressure to buy an "Extended Warranty" for any purchase and generally poor prices on anything not on sale. The salespeople sometimes use higher pressure sales tactics than elsewhere. Most of their items can be found at lower cost at Fry's Electronics, but if you are looking for a brand name item (or an extended warranty), they sometimes have quite good deals on the big name brands. Newegg.com is another good alternative to Best Buy, with extremely competitive prices.

You can find their weekly specials here.


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2007-06-04 02:45:45   I know lots of people hate chain stores, but I would love to have a Best Buy in Davis. I just love walking around the store looking at the DVD's, CD's, and all the cool computer gadgets. You also get to play free video games on all the latest game consoles. —Jedron

Why not a Fry's instead? They have all of that and more useful stuff too like soldering irons. I think with the University here and the Yolo Amateur Radio Society there is certainly a demand for more of that kind of thing than RadioShack has. In fact, I would rather have a Fry's here than Target, but I guess its too late for that now. —NickSchmalenberger

Fry's intimidates some people. Best Buy, which has similar warehouse decor, somehow manages not to do so quite as much. My preference is for Fry's (or even better yet, HSC Electronics), but then I like wandering Home Depot and Lowes as well. —jw

2007-12-26 21:51:51   natomas is no closer than arden its just a matter of preference; cap city or i-80 —piratechef

2007-12-26 21:53:32   and the "worst buy" comment is retarded because all places try to sell extended warrenties, stop bitching and just learn to say NO to things you dont want. —piratechef

2008-05-09 17:34:30   I actually work for Best Buy; yes its in our training to encourage Replacement and Service Plans (NOT extended warranties: they cover features that are actually useful not found in a mfg warranty), but unlike Fry's we're NOT on commission. Its the salespeople's jobs to offer plans and services but its in no way high-pressure. —timmytimmy

2008-09-03 22:51:07   Very poor service at the Sacramento Location "Road Shop" They hire part time workers by the day who have no interest in helping, and no accountability either. —Alexleemd

2009-05-12 10:40:55   Their phone system asks if you want to talk to geek squad or sales. I've tried both and actually gotten the same guy! I don't know if maybe the techs were all busy so a sales person answered the geek squad phone or the other way around, or even if this is what normally happens. —MasonMurray

2009-05-12 11:01:41   I was looking around in the Woodland store last week and found their prices to be quite high. As others have said, check out Fry's Electronics and Newegg.com if you're looking for the best deal. —JimStewart

2010-01-01 01:44:52   in response to the comment made by timmytimmy, I have actually worked at best buy myself and although you are a non-commissioned sales person, to say that they do not pressure you to sell their service plans is total bs. I was constantly harrassed by the sales floor manager all the time for not selling enough service plans or getting enough customers to sign up for the best buy credit card. yes, it is their salesperson job but the pressure is very much there and i am sure the customers feel it. —Johnnydavis

2010-04-06 20:20:09   Make sure to check your recipt, especially in Woodland. I have twice bought hard drives there and had to go back to have the price adjusted to match what was on the shelves(They over charged by about $10 each time). —MasonMurray

2010-08-07 21:30:55   Don't use the Geek Squad. Good luck getting your computer back in the time frame they give, and actually getting the problem fixed. Other than that the Woodland Best Buy has decent service. They are willing to help you find what you need even if it's hard to find! —themichelle

2011-02-14 15:23:55   I preordered Marvel vs Capcom 3 at the Woodland location which was a bad idea. They aren't even having a midnight release which is total bs when they had one for Call of Duty Black Ops. This is the last time I preorder anything from here. Anyone who does otherwise should make sure to ask first. —DKato