1513 5th Street
Weekdays: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturdays: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Closed Sundays

Big O Tires is a automobile service chain that specializes in tires.

See Also: Automobile Repair.


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The name of this place tends to make Computer Science students chuckle. hint   Hmm... makes me chuckle too, but for a different reasonCovertProfessor

2005-12-16 09:42:47   They use to have really nice customer service but last time (and final time) I went, they refused to rotate my tires unless I purchased a whole new set. —JoAnnaRich

2006-07-24 08:44:00   Generally an OK place to go if you've got the time to wait. Suspect it's because of name recognition. Too bad there isn't anything to do close by while your waiting. Small lot so they generally discourage leaving the car there. —UsetheForce

There is a small nursery next door if you're into plants... —AlexPomeranz

2006-09-22 16:49:15   Big O really sucks. I brought in a flat tire after work to see if they could repair it and went back 24 hours later, and they hadn't even looked at the thing. —GradyHamilton

2006-09-24 14:22:09   Actually you can take a short walk to 7-Eleven to get a Slurpee. —JoeyBennett

2006-11-13 13:49:15   I think their customer service is great. I never have to wait more than an hour (Slurpee time!) for them to finish up. When a used tire I had bought there got a flat they fixed it for free no problem, no hassle. I reccomend it! —ElisaMaassen

2007-02-05 17:14:47   One of my front tires was losing air through a wheel weight, so I took it to Big O. They fixed the problem for free because they had installed new rear tires on my car a few months back. Not a bad deal. —NerdUp

2007-05-02 19:35:23   I have been to Big O for so much stuff because I got my tires there and you get free rotations and stuff after you purchase from them. Every single time I have gone in the past year (4 times)something is wrong after they work on it. It is so frustrating. If I were you, ask them to TEST DRIVE your car before you pick it up. They do not double check and something always goes wrong after they work on it. They are nice but they really need to figure out what the heck they are doing. —lisah

2007-11-07 14:08:44   Called today to check prices on tire rotation and balancing. Big O will rotate and balance all four tires for $40. —MattVanGundy

2007-12-03 05:33:52   This shop has got to be the worst tire shop I have ever been to. I tried to mount a set of tires at my shop, but I could not do it because of the tire compound. I took it to Big O because they have much more experience in this area, but the worst attitude of any shop I have ever been to. I was charged nearly 30% more than I have been before for mounting the same set of tires on the same set of wheels. Why? because Big O does not care if you have been there multiple (4+) times and contributed to their success in Davis. I was quoted a price on the phone, which was a different price that I was quoted when I got there, which was a different price than what they thought they should have charged me. I spoke with the manager and he would not even walk up to me. He simply stood in the doorway telling me there was nothing he could do about the price and to not bring my wheels back to the store. They also would not take my coupon that I got off their website. The unprofessional attitude is a HUGE thumbs down in my book. I will never go to this Big O or any Big O for any of my tire mounting. If I had not been a college student, I am sure he would have treated me differently, but that is my own observation and opinion. WILL NOT GO BACK, EVER. —AlexKang

2008-07-06 03:01:50   I called around and Big O had some of the best tire prices around and they were really good about dealing with my half dozen phone calls. I worked with John and was really happy. I will be going there again SOON to get tires for my better half's car. —SeanMartir

2008-10-15 16:42:12   I don not recommend this place. THEY ARE LAZY AND TAKE ADVANTAGE IF YOU'RE FEMALE. I had a popped my back tire and needed a replacement. So I purchased 2 replacement tires, thinking they would go in the front (like other tire shops do) and have the front tires moved to the rear. They failed to do that and when I went in asking why, they failed to explain and just said that's normal procedure. Anyway, I was running late to class so I didn't argue. Point is: I highly recommend to go elsewhere. —beabeck22

2008-10-31 19:30:11   Reasons Not to go to Big (N)O

1. Their prices are more inflated than their tires. Seriously; I had to return as soon as I drove off the lot after a service — my tire was low. 2. Its a new crew than from previous years. These new ones treat me like I am stupid and incompetent. I'm a lawyer. 3. Plan on making a return trip soon after your service. That sticker on your windshield may as well read: 10 miles to next service. They work is not always perfect. 4. Unless your child is familiar with crude conversations and cussing, don't make the same mistake I did. The workers can be heard from the wait area.

I recently came in on a hectic day at Big O knowing that I was due for some new tires. When you purchase Big O Tires, as I have done in the past, they come with the free rotation, and such, to keep the excellent warranty valid. Though I was not perfect, I did come in consistently. I was told the previous time that the next time I would need new tires. I came in prepared. I had a Costco price and was confident my local Big O would match it to earn my local business. I also had a quote given to me a year ago, about the time I was told I would need new tires next rotation. I skipped some. (Its an old car; give me a break.) When I came in about 5 weeks ago, it was a new crew. I was greeted by the manager, I can't remember if his name was Don or Jon, and I told him my situation. He looked at my tires and agreed. He was very friendly at this point. I was glad to have gotten Ted's (the owner) right hand man. I gave him my information which he entered on to a computer. That was new. Then, after typing a lot, he told me it would be $650 and change. It was much higher than the other quotes. I tried to haggle and he became seemingly angry. He spoke very assertively, it was a little aggressive. I mentioned Costco and it seemed to frustrate him. I also said the price was much different a year ago. He explained tires have become much more expensive. When haggling did not work, I simply asked for cheaper tires. He said that was all he had in stock today. I was almost glad, I was so dissatisfied with the service. I left and he said, "Have a good day". I called back the same day. This time I got a different guy. Over the phone I was quoted Avid Touring tires from Yokohama at 89.99 a tire, for a total. Asked if it could be installed today, I was told yes. Needless to say, I said "Have a nice day." Hung up. And went to Goodyear. Ending an 8 year relationship. It hurt. But it became abusive. I had to leave. Hah. Anyway, thats my experience and advice. —CLymrik

2009-06-27 16:48:19   Ultra shady place! DO NOT GO! I've bought tires from twice and both times I had to replace the tires I got from them after only two weeks. The tires were of poor quality. Never going back there again. I recommend you avoid this place. —techguy201

2009-07-17 17:16:32   Never go to Big O Tires in Davis. Took my Tahoe in for alignment and get a phone call - you need new tires. Yeah, I know, I5 told them - I'm selling this car and I decided to sell it as is. They tell me it is "dangerous" to drive it like that and did not do my alignment. I go to pick up my truck and they put my damn spare on and charged me $25 for that. My own damn spare!! Any monkey can do that in 10 minutes and it takes 2 hours for me to make 25 bucks after taxes. My tire was not "dangerous" as they said when I checked it out so I had to pull my spare off and put my wheel back on so I can sell my truck - as is - needing tires (My choice, big o!!) Screw Big O they were just trying to come up on my hard earned dollars. Damn monkeys!! —nterider

2009-08-18 13:24:47   I went there today for a wheel alignment on a nine year old truck. It has never had an alignment done. I was quoted a very low price. The gentleman told me it was not uncommon for nine year old trucks to need some of the wearing parts changed out when doing a front end alignment. I agreed and prepared for bad news. They got right to the job and aligned the wheels. (It should be noted I also asked them to do some other minor adjustments on non-wheel related equipment.)

When the job was finished, the manager advised me they noticed some slight wear to those components, but none needed to be replaced. I was charged exactly what they estimated. Furthermore, they took care of the other things I asked them to do and did not charge me a penny for the additional services.

I made it a point to speak with the manager. I told him I appreciated that they didn't "run the bill up" on me. I told him I was fully expecting them to say I needed to "replace this or that", and, because I don't know anything about front end alignments, I was prepared to break out the check book.

Too often you find auto service shops to be rip off joints. When I find one that easily could have, but didn't rip me off, I'm happy to tell them I appreicate it.

They've earned my business. I'll be back again soon. —Soldier

2009-11-02 20:37:41   These guys are great. The owner helped me and saw to it that some problems I had had with tires in the best wouldn't be an issue this time around. He also had the the warehouse delivery person turn around en route to pick up my tires so I had same-day service. I'd go back here in a second and recommend this place for straight-forward and trustworthy service. —RMG

2009-11-16 20:23:42   I had a pretty good experience at Big O I did some shopping around and I couldn't believe everyone (including Big O) was asking about $80 out the door to replace a single tire. I told everyone they were crazy for asking so much and no one said anything different until I called Big O. I went to Big O because they were the only ones who presented other options (ie used tires, different size tires If I could afford to replace all four ect ...) —KMEvans

2009-12-05 20:08:54   I've now had two bad experiences with Big O. In the first, my CV boots were failing and they recommended a repair. I thought I agreed to replacing the CV boots, but my regular mechanic later pointed out that they had installed CV boot covers instead. Later, I came in to replace 2 tires (I thought the other 2 had life left). They seemed adamant that all 4 needed replacing, then also suggested additional work. I had my car at my regular mechanic just the day before, and he said the things suggested were unneeded. Overall, I feel they're trying to get me to agree to work I don't need. If you buy tires from them, don't agree to additional work they suggest. —GingerGee

2010-04-28 09:06:36   Took my car in today to get a tire patched. Was done in 30 minutes and cost $20. They also rotated my tires for me. When an employee saw me get my laptop out during the wait, he quickly told me that they have wi-fi and gave me the password. Overall, a good experience. —KeithBradnam

2010-07-08 16:18:00   Today we got to see the real definition of excellent customer service. My wife's car began to make an odd squealing sound. We took it to Big O Tires in Davis, California where Dave and the staff quickly found the problem. It turns out there was a small leaf stuck in the brake assembly which caused a sound that was similar to the noise that takes places when the brake pads are low. In stead of "taking us for a ride", they very quickly and honorably fixed the issue and charged us NOT A RED CENT! You can bet that we will take the vehicle in for service there in the future! Our thanks to Dave and the crew at Big O Tires in Davis, California! —Scot

2011-01-01 20:26:17   These guys helped me out with a flat the other day. They were very fast and I highly recommend them. —twblalock

2011-01-12 10:01:50   I had a full set of tires replaced a few days ago. They were extremely quick and impressive - from the initial presentation of quotes for 3 different options to the actual work on my car. There is a waiting area with wireless though I had barely logged in before my car was done. Prices seemed very competitive too. —Mazzle

2011-02-18 10:44:14   The place felt like a 60's repair shop. Bunch of immature workers, specially playing with an air pump to his crotch. Not worth it IMO. Take your business elsewhere. - —ncJice

2011-03-09 03:17:11   I have had good luck here, prices were clear and up front, service was done quickly and fairly. From what I could see the workers were professional and knew what they were doing. They even gave me a free ride back to an ATM while I was waiting! —IanBurau

2011-06-30 08:26:12   I purchased a set of 4 tires in February, 2010. At that time, Big O said I had 2 bad tie-rod ends, and that I would have to get them replaced before they would do my alignment. I had both tie-rod ends replaced (albeit, not by them!!), and when I took my "free alignment" card in, they still refused to align them. I put exactly 10,000 miles on those tires, had them rotated, and then last week I noticed that the cords were showing on the drivers side front tire. I was livid~! I took my car back to Big O where they proceeded to tell me that because I bought my tires on the buy three get one free deal,that meant that I never had a warranty on my tires! The manager of the store proceeded to tell me that he would go ahead and align my car, and I thereby proceeded to ask him if he was admitting that he was wrong in the first place. I then asked him what type of discount he would give me on 2 new tires and he said he would take $10 off each tire. I said, "Goodbye Mark", and walked away. He then said, "Get back here. I was trying to deal with you". I laughed, turned around and said, "You Sir, have no idea who you are dealing with. You will also be turned into the BBB, the local newspaper and TV stations will be called". He said, "Yeah, whatever. Get the hell out of here". I am in the process of doing everything in my power to inform everyone that Big O is nothing but a scam and a rip off. By the way, I ended up going to WalMart to get new tires, which were of a higher quality, and I do indeed have a warranty. If Big O hadn't given me a warranty, one would think they would have put it in writing on my paperwork...right??? —StefanieSmith

  • There's still something wrong with your car. Tires may fail by letting loose a chunk of tread or having the cord separate, but they don't fail by wearing through the cord in 10k miles. Get your car to a mechanic before you wear out the new set. And BTW, I'm not fond of Big O and don't trade there so it's not a case of me shilling for Big O. I have, however busted tires for awhile in a previous life... —JimStewart



2011-07-25 11:33:41   PLEASE AVOID!!!!! All I needed was a simple tire repair today for a nail in the middle of my right rear tire. Average repair cost is 10-25 dollars and 25 exact at the dealership for my car. These guys charged me 40 by telling me that added cost was for the sensor in my tires. Never in my life have I paid that much for a simple patch job. I knew it was overpriced but I had no choice because I was already late for work. —hychung

2011-08-13 09:38:48   I went in today because I had a crack in my tire. I spoke with Dave who was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was really honest and upfront with me and did not try to push his products. I would absolutely go to them in the future for tire- related problems —DanielleC

2011-10-28 16:19:02   Run away avoid big o liers! In this tire shop nothin is what we tell you. Alignments that r within specs employees r told to move the targets.to make the car owener beleave that there car needs to be align when the alignment is alredy good employees do this for the comition they receave for the alignments oil changes r done with the same oil for every car the same oil gos in to a hibred as a diesel —Johnnyshortsac

2011-12-26 10:33:29   I didnt want to go to Big O because of the negative comments I read on the Wiki, but Goodyear was closed so I went anyway because I needed a new tire. They we so nice and helpful there. The guy took the time to explain the tires to me and when I asked if there were any other options because I couldnt afford the new tire I needed he went in the back and found a used tire in descent shaped and sold it to me for a very reasonable price. They had the new tire installed and I was out of there in 15 minutes. I was so surprised and delighted, this is the way customer service should be!!! —pootersmith

2012-10-02 15:20:47   They told me it would take 20-30 min to change my oil. The store was almost empty but no body was at the counter. The phones where ringing and I was waiting to be helped. Besides the lack of people up front to assist you, I ended up waiting two hours for an oil change because they opted to flirt with the girls that were here instead of getting work done in a timely manner. —CodyTapley

2013-02-05 18:20:33   used to work for this place would not recomend anyone purchase tires from here. ted will rip you off in a heart beat and doesnt care for anything but his money. i have seen so many wrong doings in this place its ridiculous. from lieing on alignment print outs by moving the heads to putting the wrong oil filters on and not putting proper oil in vehicles. selling things that dont need to be sold and using the cheapest parts he can find. this place needs a serious inspection by bar and to be shut down.. anytime there is a problem ted will run away (because he is a coward) and make his employees deal with the issues. just seriously stay away from this shop terrible work is done there and you will often be lied to. purchase your tires in woodland —johnwashington

2013-12-28 17:43:32   The Big O in Woodland is consistently at least 20% cheaper on everything. I would highly suggest going there instead. —MasonMurray