The Biking Oxen is a weekly mobile market that strolls through your neighborhood at scheduled times selling fresh vegetables and other local artisanal foods.

We hope that some day, our cart will be drawn faithfully by Peter Pan, our local ox celebrity, trained by Mark. In the meantime, our carts are bicycle drawn, powered by humans to bring you goods of your choice. The market will be announced by traditional music of the highland bagpipes. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to see the biking oxen in a park near you, if you would like some of these products, if you are produce goods to sell through the biking oxen market, or if you are interested in becoming involved in some other capacity.

Market times TBA.

Oxen delivery cart services TBA.

Products and services offered:

Are there other products you would like to see sold at the Biking Oxen market? Are there products you would like to sell? Email us: [email protected]


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2009-01-24 18:52:07   Monday January 26 2009 marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, and whaddya know, it's your year! The Year of the Ox! —HimySyed

2010-06-04 10:45:59   Is this service still around? —TomGarberson