Bob Aaronson is the City of Davis' Police Ombudsman who reviews complaints against the Davis Police Department. He is the first individual to hold the position after its creation in the summer of 2006.

Bob is also the parttime Independent Police Auditor in the City of Santa Cruz. As well, he does personnel investigations for some departments, is legal advisor to others and sometimes even represents peace officers when they get in trouble(!). "I believe that fairness means you are capable of uniformly applying the law, no matter what side you're on." He's worked in over two hundred California departments, in one capacity or another. He fancies himself a troublemaker. While he's already made trouble in Santa Cruz, only time will tell in Davis.

His Davis office is at 604 Second Street, but he isn't there much. His office office (!) is in Palo Alto, at 3565 El Camino Real, 94306. If you want to write to him, that's a good way to do it. If you call him, he'll make an appointment to meet face-to-face the next time he's in town.

His local phone number, which he checks once a week, is 530-757-5546. His Palo Alto number, which is a safer bet, is 650-565-8800.


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Nice guy. I also like that he reads the wiki!-JimSchwab

2007-03-04 08:40:14   I do. As I told Jim when I recently met him, I don't know of ANY other jurisdiction in the State of California whose Wiki is even one-twentith as powerful. It's a great resource. —RobertAaronson