Between Woodland and Davis off Highway 113,
between County Road 27 and 29
Monday - Friday, Noon to 7pm
Saturday & Sunday, 10am to 7pm
(530) 867-4167
Ashley, Manager
Payment Method
Cash or Check

Bobby Dazzler's Pumpkin Patch is a local family owned pumpkin patch that has been operating for over 30 years. They pride themselves on having the most varieties and the best prices in the county.

To get there, take HWY 113 and exit County Road 29 and follow the frontage road North. There are signs.

On the weekends they have face painting and a petting zoo (ran by TROTR - trotr.org - for a fundraiser), and pony cart rides.

See the Pumpkins page for more places to get pumpkins.


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2012-10-31 10:00:35   But the worst possible customer service. Last night we had an incident at Bobby Dazzler's that will guarantee that not only will I never return there, I will make sure every person I know will hear about my experience there. It started with a wagon that my nephews accidently broke the rear axle on. My sister offered to either have the wagon fixed or replace it. The employee called the manager Ashley and let her know what happened and that we were willing to make it right. Ashley comes back stating that the owner wants $100 to replace the wagon. Which is ridiculous for several reasons. A new wagon is only $55. The only damage that was caused was the rear axle that after looking up on the internet while we were there is $4.99 to replace. Also it appears this wagon had fallen a similar fate with a rear broken axle because the axle was not only welded poorly together (not by a manufacturer) but it was severly rusted (and yes I took tons pictures since we have been threatened with small claims court). After refusing to pay the ridiculous price for the wagon the manager called the sheriff to report the damage wagon. Yup, this is your tax dollars at work. Now while all this is going on, Ashley is telling us that to our faces that we are bad parents and proceeds to donate our $50 worth of pumpkins along with several large pumpkins (you know the ones marked $25),smaller pumpkins and pretty much anything else not nailed down, haybales, corn stalkes, ect. So after the sherriff comes out (who has the patience of a saint) and over an hour later we finally left the pumpkin patch empty handed. —MicheleSumdumgirl