Bo decked out in his Luau finest

Bogart ("Bo")
German Shepard
Who is the owner?
When was it born?
What is the animal like?

Bogart is a 2-year-old (in 2011) German Shepard in need of a hip replacement surgery. "Bo" came from the Sacramento City Shelter to the UCD vet school to be neutered by vet students who, after looking him over and running a few tests, diagnosed a case of severe hip dysplasia. The shelter decided to euthanize him with a week, since the cost of a total hip replacement surgery made him unadoptable. Rather than let that happen, his surgeon, a vet student from the Class of 2012, adopted him the next day. The vet school and the community have rallied to raise money toward his hip surgery.

On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, The Grad hosted a "Rock'n'Luau" event with ticket proceeds going toward Bo's surgery.

Bo's hip replacement surgery is scheduled for June 9, 2011. The owners have raised several thousand dollars already, but are still about $1,000 short. If you'd like to help out, you can donate via a PayPal button on Bo's website.