Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM
(530) 752-0569

The UC Davis Botanical Conservatory is a greenhouse containing over 3,000 species of plants and is truly an awesome place to tour if you ever get the chance. It is located just north of Storer Hall. As you pass by the conservatory you may notice Ernesto Sandoval, the curator of the conservatory. He is very easy to talk to. If you take a minute to say hello, he may have time to give you a quick tour.

If you come by during normal working hours, you can give yourself a selfguided tour; the main greenhouse is open for visitors. This is a great way to beat the winter doldrums. The orchid displays are particularly fantastic. Also, the carnivorous plant collection is one of the best in the world. There may be some school groups being lead around by Ernesto, so you might have to be a little quiet.

The Conservatory has been in the national spotlight recently for its "stinky flowers" Ted & Tabatha the Titans, which are specimens of Amorphophallus titanum. When this happens, the Conservatory often sets up a web cam, although the visual experience does not transmit the olfactory component!

The conservatory is sponsored in part by the Davis Botanical Society.

There is also a volunteer night at the conservatory most every Wednesday starting at 6PM. If you're interested in learning about plant propagation and care, this is a good way to do so!

Volunteer nights have been suspended. For more information on volunteer night or to have your name added to the volunteer e-mail list, please contact Ernesto Sandoval: [email protected] or call 530-752-0569.

Internships are also sometimes available for students.

Plant sales are held about four times a year, including in the Fall and Spring in conjunction with the Arboretum.