The Bottom Dwellers are a four-piece Americana band from Woodland, California. The Bottom Dwellers are Ivan Sohrakoff (vocals, electric guitar, banjo), Chris Eynon (drums), Robbie Thayer (vocals, guitar), and Mark Eagleton (double bass). Formed in 2003, the group has two full-length releases under their belts, “Twang Americana” and “Think I Need a Drink”, and will release their third album this summer (2014). With original songs ranging from twangy and gritty to sweet and creepy, the Bottom Dwellers have a uniquely Northern-Californian sound.

Top left to bottom right: Mark Eagleton, Chris Eynon, Robbie Thayer, Ivan Sohrakoff


In 2003, the Bottom Dwellers were founded by members Ivan Sohrakoff, Adam Hancock, Chris Eynon, and Mark Eagleton.

In 2005, the band released their their first full length recording entitled "Twang Americana", which features 18 tracks of original material. The album features guests Dave Zirbel on pedal steel guitar and Keith Cary on organ. In August of 2005, the song "Company Truck" was featured on the nationally syndicated Car Talk on NPR.

In 2007, the Bottom Dwellers took home a Reader's Choice award at the Sacramento Area Music Awards (SAMMIES) for best Country/Bluegrass Band.

In 2008, the Bottom Dwellers released their sophomore album entitled "Think I Need a Drink". With 11 original songs ranging from creepy swamp music to truck-driving twang, they recorded, mixed and mastered the album in-house. The album features Bob Armstrong on saw and accordion, and Dave Zirbel on pedal steel guitar.

In 2010, Adam Hancock ventured abroad with his family to Belgrade, Serbia in 2010, and then to Brazil in 2013.

In 2011, the Bottom Dwellers picked up seasoned Bay Area singer and songwriter, Robbie Thayer (previously with the Real Sippin' Whiskies).

In 2014, the Bottom Dwellers will release their third record.


  • Twang Americana (2005)
  • Think I Need a Drink (2008)
  • Album to be released 2014

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-Saw the Bottom Dwellers at the Yolo County Fair and they were great! ~Janelle