Unless you are regularly shipping items, cardboard boxes are not something you need everyday. But if you are moving, you really could use them. If you either procrastinated on getting boxes, or your move coincides with many other people, then boxes can be hard to find. If you have boxes, then the arboretum needs them each October.

To find free boxes, the classic suppliers of free boxes are liquor stores, followed closely by supermarkets and grocery stores. Any business that takes in a large amount of inventory can carry boxes, however, so check out the dumpster areas behind stores, shops, and everywhere to see if they are tossing out any decent boxes for moving. Sometimes you can just go in and ask them if they have any. If you're facing moving day, search early in August since they can be gone quick. Also check with friends, freecycle, or even your neighbors (new and old) as they may have just finished a move too.

Nitpicky note: While dumpster diving is a fine and relaxing pastime, and can net you the boxes you need, it is a violation of City Municipal Code Chapter 32 to remove recyclables from recycling carts and recycling bins. Although you'd think that would be the best and most direct example of recycling you could find.

If you have no time or you want neat matching and/or clean boxes, you can buy them at most temporary storage facilities and places that offer shipping services.

There is also a box with a Jack in it, Mail Drop Boxes, and a sand box on the wiki. You also might want to learn how to best pack a box with take out food.

You can even put a box around text on the wiki.