39621 Co Rd. 24A
Woodland, CA
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They raise between 18,000 and 20,000 turkeys each year. They were founded in 1942 and President Reagan was said to order his holiday turkeys from Branigan's every year.

As a bit of trivia, local artist Donna Billick, creator of the The Dancing Pigs sculpture at the The Marketplace, is the creator of Branigan's ceramic sign.

Locally you can buy their birds (in season: Nov and Dec) at:


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2008-10-19 20:56:20   Sometimes whilst driving on 25A or East Street near co. Rd. 24A you can see a turkey fugitive near the railroad. According to yolobus accounts, the most inmates who had "flown the coop" at one time were a tom and four hens (harem mentality?) The toms are particularly beautiful with their wild plumage. —ArianeMetz

2008-11-28 22:51:44   I just cooked one of these fine birds for dinner- it was delicious! —Lala