Brendan Edwards is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2010 ASUCD Election running on the BOLD slate.

Candidate Statement

I am Brendan Edwards and I am third year Biochemical Engineering major. My purpose for becoming a senator is to have an impact on this campus. I believe the students of today should be involved in the campus and set into motion things that the students of tomorrow can benefit from and build upon.

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in San Diego, California. I am a current member of AIChE, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and I play on the AIChE IM Soccer and Flag Football teams. I am a driver for the Mobility Assistance Shuttle, so you may have seen me driving around campus every now and then. I am a candidate for Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society. I am also a project manager of a Biodiesel Group on campus that aims to develop a processor for producing biodiesel, as well as implementing a lab procedure for an organic chemistry lab, using waste vegetable oil from the Dining Commons, to then be used by the campus farm.


Student Project Initiative: My primary bold goal is to create the framework that will allow student groups to start their own projects that provide a service or product to UC Davis. It will provide a network that will bring together students with passion for an idea and students with the technical knowledge to implement those ideas, and to find a faculty adviser. In order to receive funding to finance their projects, students will be required to submit a proposal for approval. It is my hope that, like the Biodiesel Group I am a member of, many of these projects will increase the sustainability of this campus. It will also act as preparation for the world beyond Davis, while still in the safety of the university.

Representation: Another goal is to bring proper representation and involvement to ASUCD. As an engineer, I want to increase ASUCD participation in the engineering majors, but will remain focused on serving the campus as whole. To make the most of the student body, no one group can be focused upon or ignored, as all are necessary to achieve the greatness that UC Davis is capable of.

CFC Reform: Along with a few of my fellow BOLD senate candidates, I will seek Club Finance Council (CFC) reform. Aside from general reform to simplify the application process, I will work to have CFC rules modified so it will act as the body that will provide funding to student projects that arise from my primary platform. The CFC will provide funding based upon technical criteria that the projects must meet.

Biking: Davis is a biking town, and UC Davis is a biking campus. Students new to Davis though, can be new to biking. I want to implement a Freshman Biking Orientation to take place welcome week before classes start for Fall Quarter. The program would take students out on their bikes and introduce them to the basics of biking on campus, such as how to properly approach a roundabout, providing practical experience. This should reduce the bike accidents that occur during the first few weeks of school. I will also work with fellow senate candidate and BOLD member Darwin Moosavi on other bike issues, such as his Bike Sharing program.

BE BOLD, and vote Brendan Edwards #1 and BOLD candidates #2-5 to make an impact.

Elections start at 8 am on Tuesday, November 9th, and end at 8 am on Friday, November 12th. Voting is conducted online at

Join the Facebook event for my campaign here.


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