Brian McFadden was a candidate for ASUCD Senate on the United Student Alliance slate in Fall 2005.

Brian's personal page.

Personal Statement

Way back in May of 2004, the "Senator Ackerman Scandal" made me realize that the so-called student government here at UC Davis was in no better shape than the ones we all made fun of in high school. Last year, the Friends Urging Campus Kindness slate assembled to change that. Now it's time for others to pick up where they are leaving off. As a member of the United Student Alliance slate, I plan to follow their lead; representing the student body as a whole, and ensuring that the Senate is not wasting money on trifles that do not benefit the students who pay for them.

Listing the ISBNs of textbooks online would allow students to acquire their books earlier and cheaper. Putting ASUCD bylaws and bills online (at has been a step in the right direction — now let's add the budget, the single most important piece of legislation that the ASUCD Senate handles. Extending Unitrans service, especially in the rainy months, might outweigh the cost, and bears looking into. Plasma screens in the Coffee House are just plain stupid. And, in the tradition of those who have gone before, I doublepluspromise to embezzle unmore than the other candidates.

I try to be around the Coffee House between two and three in the afternoon; if you want to talk to me, I'd love to hear what you have to say — as long as you remember to vote November 16 or 17. If you can have an Army of One, you can have an Alliance of Two; vote for the United Student Alliance — USA #1!