Bro parties are parties (not always Frat Parties) where the atmosphere is shady, ghetto music is pumping, and most people are there for the free beer and drunk chicks. You just go for the free booze, really — and that's perfectly okay. These just aren't really places you can meet quality people. They're good for getting drunk off Natty Ice and freaking with some skanky girl. Bro parties are synonymous with the words "slutfest" or "brofest" and often lead to precarious nights and awful hangovers.

As opposed to a hipster or scenester party, the perceived likelihood of date rape or "bro rape" is much higher at a bro party.


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2009-03-25 15:57:12   Brofest incident one: One night, walking by Sammies, a bouncer/barker invited me to "grind on some pussy." Golden. Incident two: I am peeing in the back yard of a St. Patties brofest extravaganza, when two guys walk in to the back. Their conversation goes like this:

"Hey, I'm gonna pee over here. You go pee over there."

"No homo, right?"

"Yeah, no homo."

It is for experiences like these that I chose to brave the halls of frat houses and keg lines. Truly, such events are proof of man's splendor. —CodyDuncan