Bros is plural form of Bro and can refer to a group of Bros or just the idea of Bros in general. The Bro can be best characterized as the wannabe jock or wannabe fratboy, although many fratboys and jocks can fall into the Bro category. Bro, which can also be pronounced "Brah" or "Braw" is often used as a term of endearment amongst other Bros. A good place to go bro watching is the ARC. The Davis Players Society is a non-Fraternal social group who's members might be Bros.

*Sidenotes: A brah myself, I disapprove of the indiscriminate use of the term. Brahs are not necessarily associated with frats or idiocy, but can refer to those who resist selling out by keeping it real and having a good time regardless of social status or popularity. 40's are encouraged though. - ErnBro

I am pretty sure I am not a Bro, however I have been refered to as "Brah" by people who I believe to be die hard members of this division of the social structure. So either I am Bro, which I am not, or Bros refer to non-Bro's as "Brah" on occasion. I am not sure what is going on. - GeorgeLewis

  • I can asssure you that "Brah" has no connection to some "die hard members of this division of the social structure." In fact being a "Brah" means you are no "member" of any "structure". It means you are yourself; an individual. — RobertBaron

"You have forgotten the term "Broham." A term of endearment between men to reaffirm heterosexuality, or a really cool fool, or a chill ass mofo." -JakeLippman

" I have lived and been a world class drunk in Davis for the past five years. I have partied with a variety of fraternities, and have regularly attended Soga's, and have never ever heard anybody supposed 'bro' referring to himself or his friends as 'bro's, except in certain ironic occurences. I think that this is an example of stereotypical pop cultural references appearing to be a reality by people who haven't aren't necessarily aware of so called 'bro's... that being said I don't support them that much, unless they give me booze, then I'd support that shit. Trust me, someone on a website once nominated me as a Party King." - JoshuaHeller

The Bro Lexicon:

  • Sup bro?
  • You wanna a beer bro?
  • Dude

Bros can be found wandering Frat Row and at many parties in Davis. They also have Bro Parties.


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2007-04-26 08:20:33   I just thought it was worth mentioning that "Bro" is used in the steroid-using community to refer to other steroid users. I don't know if Davis has a big steroid using community or what, so I don't know how relevant it is...but if they're in the gym working out for hours, they're either on steroids or overtraining. —BradBenedict

2009-10-03 03:31:09   Use of the term "bro" can be indicative of casual atmosphere. "Bro" is ideally used among friends when they're drunk, buzzed, high or otherwise intoxicated. The perpetually stoned character, Stoney (Pauly Shore) , in the film “Encino Man,” states, “The truth is bro, life's about greasing the 'do back, buddy, and wheezin' on the buff-fest, man.” “Bro” is also related to alternative sports, often associated with drug use; think surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. The other day I saw two girls long-boarding on campus; one girl said to the other, "slow it down bro!" Within the geography of language, use of “bro” insinuates its users are on the west coast or wannabe on the west coast. Think of Dutch Bros. Coffee, pronounced “broze,” not brothers. —Nan

2011-07-31 22:57:33   Wow. You forgot: Brobot, Bramadan, Broseph, Braap, and Brogan, to name a few. —CapitalBaller