1060 Olive Drive
across the street from Davis Ju-Do Kai
and the Olive Drive Barber Shop
Mon-Sat 7:00AM - Midnight
Sun 7:00AM - 11:00PM

A small convenience store contained within The Lexington apartments complex on Olive Drive, this Market has some amazing prices:

  • $1 for a large coffee
  • 25¢ for a large cup of hot water (for tea or cocoa mix)
  • 99¢ for any size fountain drink
  • 99¢ for any size Icee
  • Cheapest Kegs in Davis
  • $1 samosas on occasion, homemade by the manager's wife

They compete quite heavily with the Shell Gasoline station just down the street. The people who work here are usually very friendly and even learn the names of regulars.

As reported in the 2006-04-13 California Aggie, they can now sell liquor.


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2008-05-10 18:45:10   This place is a hidden treasure trove of cheap booze. —OscarSabino

2008-11-15 10:54:42   Olive drive market is going to have special as follows: Mickeys 6pk bottle on 11/28/08, 12/12/08 and 12/26/08 from 5 pm to 7 pm only the cute girls will be handing out some extra bucks for special pricing please visit and find out. —sanyabajaj

2008-11-15 10:56:30   they also have specials on handles of smirnoff, captain morgan and malibu. —sanyabajaj

2009-04-05 23:29:28   Suresh the manger is the nicest business owner I've ever met in Davis. Right now they have "Three Olive" vodka handles for 19.99, that's about $15.00 cheaper than MSRP! Get SOME!!!!! —msandsor

  • Suresh is quite awesome, and one of the handful of business owners I really miss from Davis. —jw

2011-02-17 06:42:07   This place has the nicest people, good prices on smokes, and downright amazing beer and liquor prices. Not to mention they have all the basic necessities a college student could hope for. As a resident of Olive Drive, this place is my lifeline —acoope

2011-10-02 11:03:02   CHECK:THE DATE. They are selling EXPIRED FOOD! Got home to realize it was not just a week expired but more than 3 MONTHS!!!!! —MickPetz

2012-07-26 13:01:06   I used to live above this market, and I must say, it's probably the best one in town. Perhaps in the world. And Suresh and all of his staff were always so lovely and kind. GO HERE. And purchase all of their alcohol!! —momokoneko

2013-04-24 19:12:16   I could not find samosa??? and no coffee ?? Keg in no cheaper in compare to other store —robertpaul