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1700 Olive Drive, suite B
next to Motor Services
M-F 9 AM - 4 PM, Sat. 9 AM-3 PM, Sun. 10 AM-3 PM
(530) 753-8822
Chrystal Davis
April 4, 2012
Payment Methods
Major Credit Cards, Check, Debit Card, Cash

This is the place to rent a Budget car or truck. Budget Rent A Car is a car rental and truck rental company that seems to be much more affordable than other local choices at ~ $35/day (without insurance, for smaller cars). The location is actually is now at 1700 Olive Drive.


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2007-11-24 15:19:47   we made an online reservation only 36h beforehand and they or their website messed it up. So they offerd us a Standard SUV for only $20.99 a day. It's obvious that we couldn't resist :-) (W intended to rent their cheapest and smallest car at $18.99). In fact we payed a little more extra because the LossDamageWaiver is more for bigger cars and we needed more gas than we would have with a Prius or the like, but still this was an unbelievable package. Be aware that the nice girl behind the desk might not be too fast when handling your case. Bring a little time. And keep in mind that their office is located within the entrance "hall" of the Howard Johnson Hotel and that their label is invisble from the road when you're driving Chiles Rd from Cowell Blvd. AND ALWAYS COMPARE WITH OTHER RENTAL SERVICES - especially Enterprise!! —boesersimon

2007-12-03 11:10:09   I went here and actually got a bigger car for a compact price, which was nice. However, the girl at the counter screwed me over. I don't think she did it on purpose, but she apparently put in that the car had a full tank when it actually had 3/4. When I returned it with 3/4 a tank of gas they said they would charge me for it (something like 10 dollars). I went down the block and filled it up. I got a call about 30 min later from a guy accusing me of not filling it up! I told him to let it run for a while or take it around the block then call me if it still registered as not full. He never called. All in all, you get what you pay for as far as customer service here. It is so much cheaper though I'd be loathe to go anywhere else unless I was going far. —AnthonySoto

2008-07-30 23:03:11   This place changed hands about 2 months ago. The new manager, Eric, is a great guy - very reasonable and punctual. Pick-ups within Davis are included in the rental price - very convenient. —TK

2008-08-20 11:35:12   Eric provided great customer service for me the two times I have rented a car here. The first time, my car was in the body shop to fix road damage that was under insurance coverage. The repairs were delayed several times due to parts issues. Eric dealt with my lack of communication quite gracefully, and handled the paperwork for my insurance company as well as touching base with the auto body shop several times during several weeks — all the while with a cheerful and helpful attitude. The second time, I needed to have radiator work done, and rented a car to take a small road trip. When the repairs went over the weekend, Eric was extremely accommodating with my last-minute request to keep the vehicle till Monday. And, rental prices were about half what I had expected based on experience with other agencies. —JeromeBraun

2009-09-09 03:04:50   I rented a car from them yesterday, and despite arriving 10-15 minutes after closing time, they were friendly, professional, and quickly got me my car. They even worked with me to figure out the best discount to use, and were considerably cheaper than other options - definitely a good experience. —DanielNelson

2010-02-21 14:25:07   FYI - the price info is outdated; now their cheapest rate is about $35/day —mooodavis

2012-04-21 14:59:18   I like the new location and customer service at the new Davis Budget. Brian and Chrystal were both very helpful with my truck rental and everything went smoothly. Budget used to be in South Davis and is now operated by all new people at its new location. —djnurco