A model of the Primero Grove Office building

Davis has a number of buildings modeled in 3D on Google Earth. Google Earth is a software program created by Google. It can be used to view satellite imagery, maps, 3D terrain, and 3D buildings. Google Earth can be downloaded here

3D buildings are modeled using Sketchup or Building Maker. Sketchup is a 3D modeling program created by Google. It has a greater learning curve but gives you more power in modeling and lets you model in more areas. Building Maker is an online tool created by Google. It is much easier to learn but is only available in certain locations (e.g. Sacramento Area).

When you build a model using Building Maker it is automatically submitted to Google to be reviewed for inclusion in the 3D buildings layer in Google Earth. It must meet Google's Acceptance Criteria before it can be included. To submit a Google Sketchup model for inclusion in Google Earth's 3D buildings layer you need to do the following. In Sketchup go to File -> 3D Warehouse -> Share Model. Input basic information about your model and make sure the check box next to "Google Earth Ready: this 3D model is real, current and correctly-located." is checked — if it is not, it will not be submitted for review. Provided your model meets Google's Acceptance Criteria it will be accepted into Google Earth.

Buildings Modeled: