The Bunny House is dead. It was around from pre-mystical ages -2004.

It is (was) also known amongst its high council, lords, and knights as ElevenEleven . It was also referred to many times as the Krunk House. This term was coined much later in its own natural history. Experts theorize this occured in its final phase of life, around the time of the Great Riot for the USA that occured at a show late one night.

The inhabitants of the house put on a lot of great shows. A long list of people you know and don't know have played at the residence.

There have been many motion pictures shot on location at the house, most notably Devils Brew. There has also been a comic book dedicated to the most memorable 1111 moments. A TV series was also pitched entitled the "Real, Real World", but never saw filming.

The people that lived there were great characters and great with the ladies.

The place was called the Bunny House because the band The Bunny lived there, but that band broke up. Members of it started Water For Free and the Bunny House was renamed the Krunk House.

A lot of losers used to frequent the parties at the house. It spoiled the good times of the respectable "Scenesters" in Davis. However, the Bunny House did not discriminate and maybe that is why it no longer exists.

The ultra cool DeanONeil, who worked at Cafe Roma, used to live there. This well-fabled man no longer works or lives in Davis. He is in a music fellowship entitled Spider Friends, though, and you can still catch him and his band of musical heartbreakers in Davis if you're lucky enough.

Another well known member of the 1111 high council: