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The Burmese Student Organization is a group of UC Davis students wanting to foster awareness, education and appreciation of the Burmese culture and the country Burma through events targeted towards the entire UCD campus and active recruitment of people from all ethnic identifications. BSO hopes to create a Burmese American community at UC Davis through additional membership of current and future UCD students.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to recruit those who are interested in learning more about Burma and Burmese culture as well as to maintain long-lasting friendships and good quality service in providing information about Burma.

Officers 2009-2010

  • President: Bliss Zin
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs: Mei Ki Lee
  • Vice President of External Affairs: Ashish Singh
  • Vice President of Membership:Lana Allawaad
  • Secretary: Tobbi Ng
  • Treasurer: Michelle de Mesa
  • Director of Service and Volunteer Activities: Samantha Lai
  • Director of Events: Edmund Li
  • Organization Adviser: Jonathan Chee
  • Webmaster: Keirsha Baron

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