The collective of 12 8 10 15 student programmers managed by Jim Moersfelder who provide technical support in the Computer Science Instructional Facility.

Find them in Room 47 in the basement of Kemper Hall (aka EU II) any time CSIF is open. CSIF Support can also be reached at (530) 754-8249 or [email protected]

They've got a microwave in there if you've got something you want to nuke, and a minifridge if you've got a beverage you want to cool down, but keep in mind that eating is not allowed inside the labs (i.e. eat in the halls).

CSIF Support staff can reset your password, help you with issues of logging in, help you print something out, etc.

If you're having trouble logging in: it is most likely a quota issue, do the following

  • press ctrl-alt-f1 on one of the CSIF machines
  • login at the terminal
  • type quota -v to see if you're at your quota, if you are
  • delete some of your files
  • enter fquota to automagically get rid of old cache files and coredumps
  • once you're done, press ctrl-alt-f8 to get back into X, and login with the graphical interface as usual

Current CSIF employees

Former CSIF employees