View of the creek near Cache Creek Nature Preserve

Cache Creek is one of the major rivers in Yolo County along with Putah Creek. Cache Creek flows from Clear Lake, through the proposed wilderness area, down Capay Valley and Highway 16 to Esparto. "Cache Creek" is often used to describe the Bureau of Land Management land above the Capay Valley. Cache Creek is great for kayaking, rafting and innertubing. This local gem is also a great place to go Hiking, Backpacking, Mountain Biking, Dogs, Photography and other Outdoor Activities. This is a local spot that is often over looked by outdoor enthusiasts.

Two whitewater rafting companies operate on Cache Creek. Whitewater Adventures runs two camps of rafters each weekend during the summer. Whitewater Adventures trips include two days of rafting and one night of camping with all food and rafting gear included for a fairly low price. Cache Canyon Whitewater River Trips runs a smaller operation with one camp, and overnight or one day trips. As Cache Creek has relatively small rapids, both companies do not put guides on their boats. Instead, they place swiftwater rescue personnel at the two most threatening rapids to help rafters with any problems.

Whitewater kayaking on Cache Creek is also popular in the summertime due to the nice warm water released from the dams for agricultural users downstream.

Vernon Nichols County Park, halfway between Esparto and Rumsey along highway 16, is a great place to take a swim, to fish or just to lay out on the beach.

Recently there have been many attempts to open up areas along Cache Creek for more housing development. Some build in the Cache Creek area; the Cache Creek Casino Resort is to many the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the phrase "Cache Creek".

Cache Creek Wild, an environmental organization is working to protect areas of Bureau of Land Management land as wilderness areas. The land up for wilderness designation is public land in the Cache Creek watershed upstream from developed areas.

The hills along Cache Creek are a great place to hike. Cache Creek Nature Preserve Just upstream of CC Nature Preserve.



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2005-03-16 17:01:38   The second paragraph in this page seems to imply environmentalists=good, tribal development=bad. Perhaps the page could be reworded to balance out the perspective or at least recognize that the Wintun tribe has sovereign rights on their own land... land which was given to them because Americans saw no value in it until fairly recently. —AlphaDog

2005-03-22 15:46:32   Actually this looks OK. The 'local gem' is a little bit of a slant, but otherwise not enough to warrant a problem. I think maybe some links that say tribal development=good might be a balance you're looking for. —SS

2005-03-22 16:02:55   Excellent point! I'll be back to add some info. Thanks for the suggestion. —AlphaDog

2005-11-29 18:17:17   added kayaking, rafting and innertubing —BruceThomas

2007-03-01 19:51:15   The "Cache Creek Nature Preserve" is not one of the most natural places I have ever been to. Preservation is inherently unnatural. How natural can a place be with asphalt wheelchair paths? At least three gravel companies have members on the board of directors, including the president. —NickSchmalenberger

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