Cactus Corner is the local name for the intersection of County Road 98 and Russell Blvd. The intersection bristles with many fine specimens of ancient cacti, namely Opuntia spp. (Prickly Pear) and Cylindropuntia spp. (Cholla). In addition to the cacti, there are also some non-cactus succulents including agave and yucca. Passing through this important intersection is also the great bike path that starts from Russell Blvd.. Bicyclists often pass through Cactus Corner on their way to Stevenson Bridge and Winters.

The cactus bloom peaks in the spring, putting on a nice display of purple and yellow flowers.


The cactus corner on a fall afternoon (2005). Cactus flower blooms continue into early summer.


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2011-07-03 20:59:06   I was surprised to see the last few cactus flowers blooming in early July. —BruceThomas