This page is for archiving comments from 2008 for Cafe Bernardo.

2008-01-05 12:09:20   This place has really good Huevos Rancheros for breakfast, and they also have a pretty interesting whole wheat waffle. Mmmm... waffle. —JeremyOgul

2008-01-28 02:33:49   I've only been to the "bar" side, Bar Bernardo. The Thai Noodles (minus the chicken) were very tasty. I paid $10.75 for the noodles & a Bloody Mary—not too shabby! —AprilAries

2008-03-01 18:37:56   this place is for yuppies. only go here if you like paying a lot for little food and like hanging out with the white folk —brosef123

2008-03-29 01:56:15   I don't know about everybody else, but I like to eat lunch before 1 pm on Saturday and before 2 pm on Sunday. Some of the items are expensive enough to merit the inclusion of a side. —stevie13

2008-03-30 00:46:02   I love the bernardo burrito here and frequently dine here for breakfast. Yum —LizMelack

2008-04-06 14:19:42   I love this place. Their breakfasts are awesome, but I normally eat dinner in the bar. I used to eat here several times a week with my buddy. We would order the salmon and the steak. Never had a bad meal here. My favorite part though is sitting and socializing in the bar. Their cocktails are usually very well made, but the Wiki is awesome and I suggest you all try it. —CurlyGirl26

2008-04-20 11:40:34   Bernardo's was recommended to us because of the Asian Salad and Salmon BLT,so on Picnic Day my family and I decided to go try them, to our surprise we were told we had to pay a $2 cover charge, I never heard of paying to go in a cafe. So we really wanted to try the food so we decided to pay the cover, then the bouncer told us we had to have the exact amount, he became very rude and verbal and threaten my son. We will never attempt to go there again. —Arneda

2008-04-21 18:25:35   I've noticed this place go downhill lately. Recently I went in, the cashier was really rude & short with me. I ran into another a busser/server and asked If I could sit in the bar to meet someone, after staring at me like i was a moron, he snapped "I'd rather you not do that..." and walked quickly around me. After all that, they came around and asked me if three dishes were mine before they brought my burnt sandwich. I'd really like to see this place a friendlier staff, and maybe look/feel more like a Bernardos or Paragarys in Sac.

Prices are too high, I was afraid they would spit in my food simply because I was there. —KearnyLang

2008-04-25 08:27:59   A simple cup of coffee will set you back over $2 and you might have to get up to ask for refills. Also, watch for additional charges ($2+ for turkey sausage in the two egg breakfast). My two-egg breakfast, with turkey sausage and coffee came out to $11! Eeeeek! At this price I was hoping for unique flavors, but it was nothing special. The toast was a slice of "artisan" type bread, but it wasn't great and it certainly does not make up for the price. Cafe Bernardo definitely caters to the more affluent population and the hotel guest (in the same building) looking for a convenient bite to eat. —YupYup

2008-04-26 13:24:48   I've been here several times and normally only ever had breakfast here, but always for business meetings. Because of this its hard for me to talk about price. I didn't pick up the bill since its a write-off. However, I did not have the bad experiences that I seem to hear about. I was served the coffee I ordered on the spot when I ordered it with the food and OJ. The OJ was then brought to me fairly quickly before I even had time to get some sugar for my coffee and stir it in. By the time I had finished the OJ and started in on the coffee (which of course took a while since there was a lot of conversation happening), the food was then brought in. I didn't even notice how long it took, so it is again hard to say if it was too long or perfect. The food though was good. In the past, I have ordered the eggs benedict, the bernardo burrito, and the amaretto french toast. The eggs benedict was great. The eggs were exactly done right and the sauce was how I expected it. The burrito was more than filling, I ended up having to take home leftovers. It was nothing special, but was satisfying (if I was looking for a bang-for-my-buck deal, I'd have gone to Guadalajara). And then the amaretto french toast: well, I'm not an almond fan though I do enjoy them. I felt as if it was too overpowering. I really liked the french toast, but it was nothing special aside from the fact that they used a really thick bread. The bread definately seperated it from something you'd find at other places, but again, nothing that great. The thing that did make it altogether nice was the fact that they would only ask if I wanted more coffee when I was 3/4 of the way down; they refilled my water constantly without being pushy or obtrusive. They only asked to clear the table once they saw that everyone (there were four of us) were finished. I think the place is definately nice, but it is still pricey. If you have the money to toss around, the morning and early afternoon seems to be the best times to go. I've never heard of people having a bad time then. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-05-29 15:01:30   Good food, good quality ingredients, cramped atmosphere, and hit or miss service. I've been going to Cafe Bernardo for lunch for the past few years about once a week. I enjoy the food but it does get crowded and the service is sometimes mediocre. One gripe, the price of the Grilled Salmon BLT is posted as $8.75 but it's really $8.95. I spoke to the staff about this on several occasions, nothing was done. So today while I was there, I asked to see the manager and I complained that they were charging more than the advertised price. They refunded me the $.20 but didn't change the price after they claimed their prices often change. But the price has been the same since I started eating there, before this particular manager even started working there. My other gripe is they can be slow about moving customers through the ordering line. Decent value for the money but probably not great for students and those on a tight budget. —AdamShiffman

2008-06-04 21:08:30   They have a surprisingly miserable wine list . . . . —DavidRobinson

2008-06-05 10:42:51   This place has, without a doubt, the most RUDE staff in town. On top of that their coffee is upwards of $2 and the food is mediocre on a good day, regardless of the overpricing. I stopped going here to drink last year when the $6.75 Wiki's started being served in a tiny plastic Coors Light cup. Much happier now that I have decided to never go here again. If you're anorexic, you'll love this place. —GarrettGallegos

2008-06-05 11:23:25   When my mom comes to town this is our favorite place to have breakfast. —PeteWillits

2008-06-10 10:54:25   I'm somewhat surprised by the number of negative comments; I've been to Cafe Bernardo about eight times (though only for breakfast) and have always had a pleasant experience. In fact, I went to study and have breakfast before a final, and while I wasn't sure whether I'd be welcome (as we all know how some Davis restaurants feel about studious students), my server actually came by frequently to fill up my coffee and water and was quite friendly. And don't knock all of the portion sizes; the buckwheat pancakes are as big as your face. —AmelieDoisneau

2008-08-23 18:50:50   I like Bernardo's, it's fast, you walk in, give your order, pay, sit down and they bring it to you. My husband and I come here often, the location is convenient and the food is good, I love the polenta, salmon sandwich, chop salad, eggs bernardo, quesadillas, whatever, depends on the time of day and my mood. They serve wine and you can order cocktails from the bar. It's comfortable and casual, sometimes we'll just call and order take-out. Although the staff is young, I have noticed that there are a lot of people my age (50's)and I often run into friends there. I am very comfortable there. —christinecipperly

2008-08-26 18:08:09   Salmon BLT and the mashed potatoes are soooooooooo good. —JenniferGiang

2008-08-26 18:59:21   I like Bernardo's, they offer a fantastic breakfast and everything is tasty, however there is one thing that bumps me. They don't serve many lunch items before 2pm on Sundays. I wanted some fries with my sandwich the other day (it was about 1pm), but was informed of the breakfast/lunch policy. I could do without that. —CurlyGirl26

2008-10-23 19:45:29   One of my favorite places in Davis - the food is fresh and local; I've had some really lovely meals here. —Stina


2008-11-14 14:01:42   WORST PLACE TO EAT!!!!!!!!!! The servers and the Manager know nothing about customer service and are the rudest group of people I have ever encountered. The food isnt even that good either!!!!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! —LaurenL

2008-11-16 20:38:40   people actually go here? —Chrissapher