This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


4120 Chiles Road
(South Davis, just west of I-80 and Mace Blvd.)
Monday thru Sunday 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Price range
Salads: $7.95 Dinner: $14.95-$17.95
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Other

Cafe Casablanca opened on May 2006 An American style restaurant in the former locations of Abe's Cafe & Grill. The interior is decorated with 1940s movie pictures, cardboard cutouts, and a movie on one of the walls.

Various appetizers include nachoes, beer battered zucchini and onion rings. Entrees include pastas, steaks, fish, shrimp, pork and chicken that comes with a soup or salad, and fries, rice, mashed potatoes or baked potato. Desserts include cheesecake, ice cream and others.

Cafe Casablanca closed due to mold issues.


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2006-05-12 07:46:37   What happened to the Rock Hard Cafe? —ArlenAbraham

2006-05-12 07:54:53   Does it take the entire building? In the past, the building has been subdivided. —JabberWokky

2006-05-12 09:32:05   there's something on the left side that look like its under construction —CraigBrozinsky

2006-05-21 11:53:54   The restaurant is split up into a restaurant side and a bar side. There were originally supposed to be two seperate owners, but the person who was supposed to buy the bar fell through, so now the owner of Cafe Casablanca is in the process of buying the bar as well. It will be a jazz lounge and hopefully open up in the next 2 to 3 months. —JennySoares

2006-05-24 21:43:17   WOW EXPENSIVE! The setting was completely cute with the movie going for people who wait to be seated. The service was excellent. The food was decent but definately not worth the price. I ended up paying $20 for an entree, drink, tax and tip. If they bring down their prices, then I'll return. —JoAnnaRich

2006-07-02 13:48:30   Breakfast is very good here. Huge plates. You get four sausage links when ordering the sausage and each are the size of a hotdog. The decor is amazing and the prices are no different than any other eatery in Davis. The atmosphere tho is truly neat. Antiques, movie memorabilia and fun wait staff. We've been back 3 times and will continue to patronize this fun place —DavidWebb

2007-03-24 15:38:38   Cafe Casablanca has been closed for at least seven months now. Is it safe to say it is not coming back? Does anyone know what is going on? —DavidGrundler

2007-07-01 14:51:22   Hi, I used to be the lead hostess there and yes they are closed for good. That building is the biggest health violation ever and we simply could known run a restuarant there. Place needs to be flattened and built from the ground up


2007-07-17 13:36:04   We went there long time ago food sucked and it had a horrible odor like mold, not trying to be a jerk but when in a restaurant it has to smell like one —dickjones

2010-01-28 20:18:05   Hello Everyone, I was one of the owners of the Rock Hard Cafe, the owner of the property was real shady, and the the manager of the hotel was even a bigger crook & liar, I saw that this building should have been condemned, its heating and Air conditioning was faulty, the structure was sub-par, and after my partners continuely lied about the terms and conditions of the contract, I decided to vacate the premises, its too bad because between the two partners and the owner of Cafe Casablanca they just didnt have enough experience to be sucessful! —djforte