The California Aggie Alumni Marching Band (CAAMB) is the alumni extension of the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh. They look a lot like regular bandsmen, but they don't wear silly looking hats or white shirts with their uniforms (except the ones who want to). They occasionally take the place of or assist the band if much of the Aggie Band is at an away game or parade during a home sporting event.

They can always be found around the ARC band room and Aggie Stadium on Homecoming and Picnic Day, boring the current bandsmen with stories that start with "When I was in band..." and implying that the current band is becoming lax in discipline and show quality. Mostly they aren't serious about it, as older alumni hassled them "when they were in band..."

Just like the CAMB is the most insane of the Student Organizations, this is the most insane of Alumni Associations. They help defend and maintain the traditions of the Aggie Band and are total band dorks, and still proud of it. They marched on Solano Field, performed on Toomey, and lived in the Old Bandroom in the Firehouse where they battled rats and roaches for sheet music and leftover doughnuts.

Alumni Band Members