Temporary sign until there is somewhere to put a permanent one.

http://californiabicyclemuseum.org (Seems like it hasn't been updated since 2009)

Also See: US Bicycling Hall of Fame (A great bicycle museum at the corner of 3rd and B Street in Downtown Davis)

The California Bicycle Museum looks to be coming a reality, but the location is still to be determined. The museum will house the Pierce Miller Bicycle Collection—a collection spanning 100 years—that currently belongs to UCD. The bikes can be viewed here.

According to this website , those in charge of establishing the museum are applying for non-profit tax-exempt status via the IRS.

There are plans to have the Bike Museum on display in the permanent headquarters of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame, which replaced the Teen Center at Third and B.

  • The lower floor of the US Bicycling Hall of Fame has a great collection of bikes, some of which might be from the Pierce Miller Bicycle Collection. Can anyone confirm some if some of the bikes are from this collection? Some, but not all, are. The placards tell. Also, one of the video documentaries they show down there is about moving the Pierce collection out of the barn it was stored in to UC Davis.

Photos of the Collection

In October 2004, four bicycles from the collection were on display at the UC Davis Transportation Fair

The bikes made a striking visual impression David Takemoto-Weerts (left) packs up some of the bike maps and other material Bikes and the Bike Barn

More photos of the bikes are featured on the back side of the official Davis Bike Map.

In May 2005, UC Davis Bicycle Coordinator David Takemoto-Weerts gave the Institute of Transportation Engineering students a tour of the entire collection.

The ideal commuter bike for a whole household. Originally a pace bike for races What kids rode back in the day David tells the story of how the collection came into existence and was purchased by UC Davis Suspension was important

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