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Cambridge House Apartments is an apartment complex in East Davis on Pole Line Rd. with one, two, and three bedroom apartments. They are an extremely pet-friendly complex, allowing both dogs and cats with no weight limit, and only a few breed restrictions—the pet deposit is $450 for one pet or $675 for two and a $25 monthly pet fee. Our one bedrooms start at $1120, two bedrooms start at $1295, and three bedrooms start at $1700.00. The complex is less than 1 mile from the UC Davis campus. The complex is two blocks from a stop for the L line and within one block from the A line, M line, and P/Q line.

All units have heating and air conditioning in the form of wall units with two additional vents throughout the apartment. The kitchens have refrigerators/freezers, gas ranges, cabinet-mounted microwaves, and dishwashers, but the sinks do not have garbage disposals. There are chandeliers, so you might not need to use all your lamps. The one and two bedroom units feature vanities separate from the bathrooms. Some units have an option for a washer and dryer. Otherwise, you can use either of the two on-site coinops laundromat, which are always open. Depending on the unit, you might get a balcony. There is emergency maintenance available 24/7. Management is available from 8:00 AM -5:00 PM M-F, and closed Saturday and Sunday.

Water/sewer/trash is not included in the price above, however it is charged on a flat fee basis. The community has a clubhouse with a swimming pool; a BBQ area; a 24-hour fitness center; a 24-hour internet cafe; and a game room with pool, ping pong and air hockey, and a plasma TV. The management throws BBQs on occasion and hosts a yearly Davis Neighbor's Night Out BBQ where they hold games, tournaments, and give out prizes.


  • The Berkeley: One bedroom/one bath, From $1120
  • The Claremont: Two bedroom/one bath, From $1295
  • The Stanford: Three bedroom/two bath, From $1700


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2013-01-26 12:27:23   I've lived here for six months. It's okay; walls are paper thin and windows to bedrooms are right next to the parking lot, so it can get loud. I thought that the service was great, UNTIL THIS WEEKEND. My pilot light has gone out repeatedly, and did again on Friday. I had to call twice before they came to relight it, then when I went to dinner, it went out again and I came home to a cold apartment with my 7-year-old daughter. I called the "24 hour emergency" maintenance number and was told he wasn't coming out at night. So I called again this morning, and he informed me that he wasn't coming at all this weekend, and then proceeded to call me a "lazy woman" for not calling while the office was open Friday. Except, I did call Friday and I've asked way before this that the heater from 1971 be replaced. You may be asking yourself why I don't just light it myself? Because the heater is so old, it's covered in filth and the directions about how to light the pilot have completely worn off the plate they were printed on. So basically, Cambridge House has left me, and my child, in the winter for two or more days with no heat because the maintenance staff can't be bothered to light a pilot, and they're calling me "lazy?" —ElisaAllechant

3/24/13 This place still sucks and it just keeps getting worse. While I find the office staff, and most of the maintenance crew, to be very pleasant, this building needs a total overhaul or tear-down. I can hear EVERYTHING my upstairs neighbor does. EVERYTHING, especially at 3am when she's rocking the floorboards. Sure, laundry in your apartment is nice, until your neighbors do it at midnight. And that heater I mentioned above? They "fixed" it because it kept going out. I had PG&E come out to look at the heater. The nice PG&E man showed me how they had not fixed it so much as Jerry-rigged it in such a way that could have caused a fire in my apartment. After I notified management, they told me they would replace the heater. It took two weeks and I can say they were clean and out of my hair. But then they left and never turned the thing on, so I'm still running an electric heater. And the single pane windows that show where they've been previously pried-open (allowing flies to come in), the torn and crumbling weather stripping on the door, and the lack of sunshine into any window due to the placement of my apartment keeps the apartment freezing. That was great in the summer, but even today, 65 outside, we were freezing. Honestly, it's disgusting what they get away with charging us for this place. Beware, what you see in the model apartment is NOT what you'll be moving into. I'm counting the days until I'm free from this place and I'm going with a rental agent next time.

    As for towing, they do tow, my BF got towed on night while he was inside for one hour. But they don't have someone on-sight every night to be the official person to call for the tow, residents cannot call for someone to be towed, it has to be management. So they tow, but not on weekends.

    2013-01-28 08:52:17   I've lived here for about 6 months, and I would say from negative reviews, it's really a pretty nice place. I have no problems with hearing neighbors being too loud (I hear them occasionally, but it's an apartment and I have realistic expectations - they're never disruptive). The management has responded quickly and politely to every problem I've had. The paint layers are rather thick, but I haven't had any problems with the quality degrading or anything like that. This is the kind of apartment that is what you make of it. The fitness room is pretty small, but rarely full, so I can't really complain unless it starts getting more crowded. The parking is a problem at night, but street parking is easily available if I get home too late, so it's really not a crisis like some people make it sound. They DO tow (my friend got towed, so I can verify that), so don't listen to reviews saying they don't tow. In fact, I recommend paying attention to the signs that it is for residents only (this may be new). All said, I feel like while it may not be a perfect place, you can find flaws anywhere. I'm really quite happy here. It's certainly worth checking out.


      2013-01-28   Honest Truth- Be careful, this place really is too good to be true. Upon starting my experience with Cambridge, events just spiraled downhill. Although we may be the exception, all of these things happened within only 5-6 months of living in Cambridge; They rented out our leased apartment to someone else!! After signing the lease and being assigned to a specific apartment, Cambridge rented that same apartment to someone else!!! We only found out when we went in to check a wall color sample and they tried pulling our file. The entire stay and Cambridge our lease was set for a completely different apartment. Didn't install washer and dryer before we moved in, so the first 2 weeks we were under construction. Days after that our kitchen sink sprung a leak and destroyed items under the sink. It was replaced promptly by the only upside to the entire complex, Maintenance was always great. Our air conditioner groaned and was very loud, but they would not replace it. My energy bill was $400 for the month of August with running the AC. JUST BY ELIMINATING THE AC as a trial run, my bill for September was only $70. Cambridge didn't feel that this horribly old AC was the problem.... yea, okay. Sink backed up a couple months later, ruining most items in the bathroom sink area, deduction was instated, but was an annoying situation. Asked if we should have the apartment carpets professionally cleaned, was told no, and now stuck with paying for all new carpets. Depressed, disappointed, just want you all to know our unfortunate situation. The newest staff has been absolutely wonderful and helped us get out as soon as they could, but our personal experience was ridiculous, and I would never consider living there again...Cznark

      2013-02-22 19:03:05   I have lived at this complex for almost two years and it sucks. I can hear my upstairs neighbors every move. The staff will call you repetivly for the same thing because they don't communicate. OH!! and even though you may be paying 1700 dollars a month don't think they will bother to send a maintance person out on a friday to fix your heater. Nope you have to wait all weekend in February and freeze your ass off before they fix it. Apparently a broken heater isn't considered an emergency and can wait. Also my apartment in general is a shitty. Not worth the 1700 dollars we pay. It wad dirty when we moved in. They nasty track carpet and the whole place really needed to be re-done long ago. Never again will I be fooled by the models they have to see.It is nothing like what you get. They paint over everything... even the bath tub!! not worth the money I promise. OH and the laudry rooms. The washers are nasty with mold where the soap goes, no one ever cleans them. OH you want to dry your clothes? good luck getting on that works half of them wont dry properly. keep looking people... the only plus is nice maintenance workers, allowing pets and a cool pool.


        2013-04-19 08:54:51   If you want parking when you come home at night, look elsewhere. It's common to get back past 10pm and find that, despite your permit, the only parking is street parking. (And street parking has its own regulations.) Heck, last night it was near impossible to drive through the parking lot because *all* the fire zone space was used as parking. Normally I'll see one or two cars in a fire zone, but not... all the zone space. There's no way to report it. We're moving out for price v. quality, etc, but I think the parking grated on me the most while I was here. Bring a bike with heavy duty locks and you'll be fine. (Bike theft is common here, and you won't always find outdoor parking for your bike. You'll bring it into your apt sometimes.) —Kata

        2013-04-19 16:24:33   @TaraLynn- Thank you for your positive feedback! We love hearing nice reviews from our residents!

        @ Cznark- Yes, your apartment really was the exception! I know you encountered multiple issues with your apartment, which is very rare, but I hope you found that we were prompt and thorough to fix each one. Additionally, thank you for complementing our staff! We really enjoyed having you as a resident, and were sorry to see you go, but definitely understood your frustration and wish you the best of luck in the future!

        @ Erica- Hi Erica, I'm the property manager here and am very sorry to hear about the negative experience you'd had at Cambridge House. I can assure you every apartment is thoroughly cleaned by a professional cleaning company and the carpets are deep cleaned by a carpet company and in many cases replaced prior to each move-in. Please let the office know anytime you feel that your apartment is not up-to-par and we are happy to make any repairs or upgrades needed. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and contact residents as a courtesy for maintenance issues, packages, etc. If you would prefer to not be contacted, please let us know and we can remove your information from the contact list for your apartment. If you have any other concerns that you would like addressed, please feel free to stop by the office or call anytime. I would love to be able to work with you to make the remainder of your stay with us an enjoyable living experience for you!

        @ Kata- Hi Kata, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with parking here! We know it can be difficult to find parking at night sometimes. In an effort to combat this, we are offering reserved parking spaces next year for any residents who have also encountered a similar problem and would like their own spot. Please stop by the office if this is something that you would like to take advantage of! —MonicaAtCambridge

        2015-05-07 18:02:30   I've lived at CH for 2 years now, and will be moving out at the end of my lease. You should know that the $25/month pet fee is per pet, regardless of whether it's a cat or dog (if you have two pets, you will be paying $50 extra per month). I can begin to understand why a dog might cost the staff (often residents don't clean up after their dogs- watch where you step in the lawn!); however, I have a really hard time wrapping my mind around why they need to collect $25 a month from me for my cat, given that I paid a moderately large pet deposit for him. That money doesn't go towards fixing carpets or anything- it's just for the convenience of having a pet. CH has STOPPED providing free Comcast internet and cable as of September 1, 2015. On your bill, you will see every month that CH charges a $2 "convenience fee." They don't charge you for your own water usage, but instead for the complex's water usage split evenly amongst tenants. I can only assume this includes the hundreds of gallons CH uses to water its lawn (and also water the areas filled with only rocks). There is NO security in the parking lots or surrounding areas. My boyfriend's car was vandalized in the parking lot and my roommate's bike was stolen from the bike rack. Both were told that there was nothing staff could do because there were no cameras. The exercise room is always kept way too hot (if you go at night you can leave the door open and it's useable). The rooms themselves are fine. The front windows of all of the units are "locked" with a small piece of metal. They are seriously unsafe and many of them look like they've been pried open with a screwdriver from the outside. I don't use the AC because it sucks power like crazy. It's generally pretty quiet at night. Overall the staff has been pretty pleasant to work with. They send out maintenance quickly (unless it's a weekend). Overall it has just become too expensive with the pet fee and without the included internet. —tm29

        2015-05-17 17:39:24   First things first, as of Sept 2015, Comcast internet/cable is no longer free. You get to set that up yourself. May as well get U-Verse, b/c the internet here is so slow. Things to be aware of when signing your lease: they hold you accountable for EVERYTHING (even if your carpet needs to be replaced b/c its old and you've only lived there a year, you are responsible for 100% of the labor $), you pay rent for 52 weeks even though the lease is for 51, you must notify them 100 days in advance if you plan on moving out at the end of your lease (standard lease is 30-60 days), and your rent will go up yearly (even if you renew in January like they want you to) . We've lived here for 3 years, and the office staff/property has steadily gotten worse. Unless this is the only place you can find in Davis that will take your dog(s), you're better off somewhere else. Pros: -Maintenance staff is super friendly and helpful -Loose standards on their "breed restrictions" pet policy (don't discriminate against bully breeds) -Treats for your pups in the office. -The bedroom in the 1bd apartments is actually a good size Cons: -No one picks up after their dogs, even though bags are provided for you. The management doesn't enforce it's $25 fine either. -The office staff is constantly changing, so no one really knows what's going on. -If you live by the pool, expect to be woken up frequently at 2am. The office staff will tell you to call the cops (since they don't care to enforce the rules), and Davis cops don't care. -Everyone gets as many parking permits as they have cars. There are not, however, that many spaces in the lot. (You can pay for a reserved spot) -If you are on the 2nd floor, your pipes are on the roof. So in the summer, you get hot or extra hot water from the faucets. -The crew that comes in and patches/repaints in between tenants does shoddy work. Expect to have multiple shades and types of white paint on the walls. -The kitchens have virtually zero counter space, and not a lot of cabinet space either. -If you get sent a package, hopefully you have a tracking number so you know when it gets delivered. Sometimes it's at your door, but most of the time it gets dropped at the office. The office does not notify you that you have a package there. -You will find that certain areas of your floor are uneven (although I'm sure not all units are like this). We had to put shims under the kitchen table so that it wouldn't shake. -The AC/heat is a wall unit that they added vents to. Works great in the back room, don't expect it to help in the living room/kitchen. -No light fixtures in the living room or bedroom(s). -Very few outlets in each room. -Walls are thin, I can't even imagine how loud it is if you're on the first floor. -Overpriced based on square footage; you pay a lot extra for those amenities (like the fitness center, where something is usually out of service). -Water grass/plants daily. Tons of excess water waste, don't seem to care about the drought. They also leave the hose running in the pool for hours at a time, so that the water level stays high. Listen to what tm29 said above- that's all true. —likenoother

        2015-06-09 00:10:39   DO NOT SIGN A LEASE AT Cambridge House!!!! The first year we were here was not so bad, but just in the last 6 months it has gone completely downhill!!! The management changes every other month. No one cares about the tenants here. They open late and leave early on a daily basis. They like to send rude and annoying texts about paying rent as if people don't know rent is due every month. It is way overpriced for the quality you get. Not to mention the prices are going up even more and including less now. But they claim to be cheaper than any other place. Yeah right! Also, they apparently like making the tenants move out of their apartments for several days just so they can maintenance things they have probably neglected for years. Not my personal experience but I have dealt with the loud construction noises since they completely tear apart the kitchen and drill all the way down to the pipe lines. They don't let you know in advance or anything and they definitely don't care how you feel about it. The place just isn't what it used to be. Hopefully they get a manger that doesn't hate her job and takes it out on the tenants as if it's our fault. (Hope you find some happiness rude lady lol). Overall this is far from being the best place to live and too pricy for the way you get treated. Website says prices start at 1195 but it's atleast $200 higher than that. So do yourself a favor and do not bother with this crappy place! —Alx33

        2015-07-27 14:27:07   Bad bad bad. I've been here 3 days and my girlfriend's car got towed. I have a parking permit for my car and she does not, because she will not be living here in Davis. We were not told about any parking policies when I filled out my application. I wasn't even asked if I had a car. It was towed at 2am this morning, approximately 50 hours after we arrived. Their lot is never full. There are signs saying you may be towed if you park in a numbered spot. She was in an unmarked spot. Really don't feel welcome here. —tmduggan

        2015-07-27 19:02:53   Follow up to my review: TOWING COMPANY HAS WRITTEN AUTHORITY TO COME THROUGH AND TOW CARS IN VIOLATION AT ANY HOUR. MY GIRLFRIENDS CAR WAS TOWED AT 2 AM! I am a valid tenant with a valid parking permit. She is a valid guest and could have had a valid temporary guest parking pass, but we didn't know. She was in an unmarked spot and there were no signs nearby about parking being only for tenants or anything. Only a sign that advised against parking in marked spots. —tmduggan