Cameron Brown is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2010 ASUCD Election running on the as an independent.

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Candidate Statement

Hello Aggies! My name is Cameron Brown and I am a third year Economics major. I am an Independent running for ASUCD Senator. I run for one reason: I believe I can be a better representative for the students at UC Davis. I currently work as a Peer Advising Counselor for the Educational Opportunity Program providing academic advising, social and personal support, and peer counseling. Through this position I have been Safe Zone trained by the LGBTRC, received Diversity Training by the CCC, and have been trained on many of the important resources UC Davis offers. I work with various students everyday and am aware of the many important issues and concerns we all have. I wish to represent all students. I do not wish to make false promises; my promise is to be a better voice for students in ASUCD. Feel free to contact me via email, Facebook, or drop by 106 South Hall to voice your thoughts to me.

Cameron Brown's candidate flyer

My Platform: REPEAL 10% TEXTBOOK RESTOCKING FEE: When I became a student in Fall 2008, there was no textbook restocking fee. This fee is a policy created by the UC Davis Bookstore to discourage students from purchasing and later returning textbooks. There is already an extremely short period of time students are allowed to return textbooks after purchased. The restocking fee only discourages students more from purchasing textbooks from the campus bookstore. Discouraging students from purchasing textbooks should not be a goal of the UC Davis Bookstore. I want to work with the bookstore and encourage them to remove this fee so students will no longer be discouraged from purchasing textbooks that they may need.

ACCESSIBILITY OF TUTORING SERVICES: Many students are unaware of the free tutoring services available on campus. I seek to promote these resources so all students can benefit from them. I would like to work with the Student Academic Success Center to increase the number of writing tutors. If you have waited in the lines to see a writing tutor, you would agree that there should be a change to make the process more efficient. I would propose an essay-editing program that also accepts online submissions. Also, I would advocate for an increase in the number of subjects available for tutoring.

INCREASE FACULTY DIVERSITY: UC Davis promotes diversity. This is the heart and foundation of UC Davis’s community. However, the diversity within our campus’s faculty is limited. The communities that comprise UC Davis should all be equally represented within our faculty. I want to express the need to Administration that there should be more faculty from more diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds to increase students’ opportunity to be exposed to more diversity in the classroom.

Vote Cameron Brown #1 and Emmanuel Diaz-Ordaz #2 for ASUCD Senate! Vote for Individuals! Vote for Independents!


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