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Camp Putah is one of the many municipal camps of Davis. There is actually only one Camp Putah Camp. The  Explorers does not exist anymore and the Trekkers is not part of Camp Putah. Camp Putah is better than the camp known as Summer Quest.

Pathfinders and Trailblazers

Pathfinders and Trailblazers are a week long day camp, with an overnight stay on Thursday night. They are full of adventures and activities for kids, including archery, canoeing, crafts, and hikes. Campers learn about natural wildlife and ecosystems in Central California. The two camps meet up is at Central Park every morning and campers bike to the camp site at the Putah Creek Picnic Area. On Thursday the overnight portion typically includes a trip to the Rocknasium, swimming at Arroyo Pool, dinner at Westwood Park, a parent presentation with skits, a campfire, and a night hike.The Trailblazers is just like the Pathfinders, except that they consist of the older kids, and usually are the first to leave Central park and the camp.


Explorers has been eliminated due to the 09/10 Budget approved by City Council

Explorers was a updated version of Camp Putah that ventures to areas beyond Davis city limits. Similar to Pathfinders, it is also a day camp with a Thursday overnight. The 2007 schedule ran a trip to Lake Natoma and Folsom for kayaking and geocaching on Monday, a hike in Georgetown on Tuesday, a museum trip to San Fransisco on Wednesday, and an overnight in D.L. Bliss State Park in South Lake Tahoe on Thursday.



Trekkers is not part of Camp Putah. It is a full, five-day four night trip camp that takes campers to State and National Park Campgrounds. 2007 trips included Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, and San Fransisco. Kids get to hike and swim and learn to build teamwork.


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