Unauthorized transportation and possession of firearms on university owned or operated property is prohibited pursuant to California Penal Code 626.9

These signs are posted at the edges of campus. Depending on your point of view they either:

  • Clearly convey the content of the law — Realist
  • Prevent those with bad intent from bringing evil objects onto campus, because... well obviously someone like that will obey a sign. — Optimist
  • Demark the edge of yet another "victim disarmament zone". — Pessimist
  • "There are signs?" — Clueless

To the University's credit they did post the signs and make them clear, which is more than the school district did. This became an issue in town when a student (parked/dropped other students off) in the lot between the high school and the Veterans Memorial Building with an unloaded shotgun in his truck. The entire parking lot is owned by the school district and there was much discussion of the fate of the young man. The funny part about the high school student is that he had not even broken the law. California State law allows for students to have firearms in their vehicles if they are stored according to legal code. Wondering why? Many high schools in California offer PE courses that involve target practice and skeet shooting.