Type of Organization
Service & Professional Development
"Service Above Self"
[email protected]
Facebook Fan Page

Instagram: @davisrotaract

Current President (2023-2024)
Sophia Baltasar
Theme (2023-2024)
"From Compassion to Action"
Mitty Chang, Paula, Marcus 
October 1, 2007
Sponsoring Rotary Club
Sunrise Rotary Club of Davis, Noon Rotary Club of Davis, Sunset Rotary Club of Davis
Holiday Inn (Partner), Kaplan

About Rotaract

CRC Davis meets every Tuesday night at 7:10 PM to 8 PM in Giedt 1003 and on Zoom (email [email protected] for Zoom link!). The location will also be announced on the Instagram and Facebook page. 

Sponsored by international service organization Rotary International, Rotaract is a service club for young adults ages 18-30.

Modeled after similar goals and standards to those of Rotary, Rotaract brings together college students and young business professionals for the purpose of humanitarian service, networking, building goodwill and promoting peace in the world. As one of the fastest-growing Rotary programs, Rotaract on the international scale includes more than 8,000 Rotaract clubs in some 155 countries.

Each individual Rotaract club is sponsored by a local Rotary club, and are generally either university- or community-based. Each chapter has its own unique personality, sometimes with special emphases and focuses dependent upon the array of members and their particular interests. Like Rotary, Rotaract clubs meet on a regular basis, and are nonpolitical, nonreligious and open to anyone interested.

Rotaractors address many of global and local issues pertinent to today's society, developing projects that promote service, build friendship and provide a forum for cultural exchange.

The Campus Rotaract Club of Davis, also known as "CRC Davis", is a SPAC registered group at the University of California-Davis campus that is dedicated towards serving humanity.

Current Officers

These officers serve their office for one full Rotary year (July 2023 to July 2024).

President - Sophia Baltasar

Vice PresidentCara Mann

Directors of Service - Emma Nguyen, Virginia Moore

Directors of Finance - Jack Jacobs, Jesus Pizano

Directors of Professional Development - Sophia Baltasar

Directors of Membership - Kelly Valdez, Songbird Lacson

Directors of Publicity - Emma Nguyen, Kelly Valdez

Historians - Rikiya Hatano

Past Officers

2022-2023 Officers: Ro Leon (President) , Sophia Baltasar (Vice President), Amelia Tobitt (Director of Service),  Jack Jacobs (Director of Finance), Jesus Pizano (Director of Finance), Mateo Fuentes (Director of Professional Development), Songbird Lacson (Director of Membership), Prantik Bhadharaj (Director of Membership), Briana Trigueros (Director of Publicity), Miriam Landaverde (Historian)

2021-2022 Officers: Tiffany Huynh (President) , Gabby Morales ( Vice President), Ro Leon (Director of Service), Christine Asatryan (Director of Service), Nicole Daugherty (Director of Finance), Ximena Enriquez (Director of Finance), Jordan Ridge (Director of Professional Development), Jeffrey Lee (Director of Professional Development), Eva Garcia Celis (Director of Membership), Jacqueline Yu (Director of Membership), Alyce Faso (Director of Publicity), Gracie Medrano (Director of Publicity), Stephanie Matsumoto (Historian), Suzuka Kawaguchi (Historian)

2019-2020 Officers: Christopher Galeno (President) , Anh Tran ( Vice President), Christine Asatryan (Director of Service), Gabby Morales (Director of Service), Daisy Waters (Director of Finance), Julia Holland (Director of Finance), Emily Boykin (Director of Professional Development), Jeffrey Lee (Director of Professional Development), Stephanie Matsumoto (Director of Membership), Tiffany Huynh (Director of Membership), Suzuka Kawaguchin (Director of Publicity), Julia Huang (Director of Publicity), Alyce Faso (Historian), Nicole Daugherty (Historian)

2019-2020 Officers: Megan Do (President) , Rayming Liang ( Vice President),  Maria Rojas (Director of Service), Emily Boykin (Director of Service), Christopher Galeno (Director of Finance), Alyce Faso (Director of Finance), Justin Singh-Courtney (Director of Professional Development), Jeffrey Lee (Director of Professional Development), Alexander Dao (Director of Membership), Vijay Mittal (Director of Membership), Anh Tran ( Director of Publicity), Kerilyn Higashi (Director of Publicity), Abigael Carde( Historian), Julia Huang ( Historian)

2018-2019 Officers: Claudia Bui (President), Princess Pe (Vice President), Ryan Mickle (Director of Service), Valeed Aziz (Director of Service), Christopher Galeno (Director of Finance), Maria Rojas (Director of Finance), Amanda Simpson (Director of Professional Development), Sorrayar Delilah Sounthala (Director of Professional Development), Abigael Carde (Director of Membership), April Soohoo (Director of Membership), Megan Do (Director of Publicity), Rayming Liang (Director of Publicity), Alexander Dao (Historian), Julie Nguyen (Historian)

2017-2018 Officers: Rebecca Caabay-Lainez  (President), Christina Duong (Vice President), Princess Pe (Director of Service), Sierra Winters (Director of Service), April Soohoo (Director of Finance), Jayden Li (Director of Finance), Kaylee Schukei (Director of Professional Development), Rachel Bomactao (Director of Professional Development), Devin Pon (Director of Membership), Meliah Capistrano (Director of Membership), Amanda Simpson (Director of Publicity), Jennifer Calderon (Director of Publicity), Claudia Bui (Historian), Victoria Rubio (Historian)

2016-2017 Officers: Brian Trat (President), Stephanie Yu (Vice President), Connie Cheung (Director of Service), Christina Duong (Director of Service), Calvin Leng (Director of Finance), Kaylee Schukei (Director of Finance), Rebecca Caabay (Director of Professional Development), Rachel Bomactao (Director of Professional Development), Devin Pon (Director of Membership), Braden Wong (Director of Membership), Jayden Li (Director of Publicity), Jennifer Calderon (Director of Publicity), Nam Truong (Historian), Drew Brandt (Historian)

2015-2016 Officers: Ellen Davis (President), Regina Mayta(Vice President), Brian Trat (Director of Service), Bryant Tran (Director of Service), Stephanie Yu (Director of Finance), Kaylee Schukei (Director of Finance), Arthur Chitpedakorn (Director of Professional Development), Joanne Chan (Director of Professional Development), Nand Mahasuwan (Director of Membership), Jorge Lopez (Director of Membership), Melanie Chew (Director of Publicity), Rachel Bomactao (Director of Publicity), Rebecca Caabay-Lainez (Historian)

2014-2015 Officers: Nicole Pham (President), Sean Ng (Vice President), Rebecca Margolit (Director of Service), William Nguyen (Director of Service), Amy Tam (Director of Finance), Linda Tran (Director of Finance), Forrest McKenzie (Director of Professional Development), Anthony Leung (Director of Professional Development), David Cheuk (Director of Membership), Ellen Davis (Director of Membership), Katherine Perng (Director of Publicity), Abby Snitovsky (Director of Publicity), Julie Avila (Historian), Regina Mayta (Historian)

2013-2014 Officers: Lisa To (President), Henry Lam (Vice President), Nicole Pham (Director of Service), Lucretia Kim (Director of Service), Linda Tran (Director of Finance), Sharon Gong (Director of Finance), Carol Le (Director of Professional Development), Anthony Picco (Director of Professional Development), Sean Ng (Director of Membership), Annie Howley (Director of Membership), Justin Ndihokubwayo (Director of Publicity), Emily Au (Director of Publicity), Anthony Leung (Historian), Forrest McKenzie (Historian)

2012-2013 Officers: Eva Pan (President), Bill Quach (Vice President), Lisa To (Director of Service), Reginald Lai (Director of Service) Kimberly Lee Kin (Director of Finance), Sharon Gong (Director of Finance), Samuel Porras (Director of Professional Development), Anthony Picco (Director of Professional Development), Alisa Seng (Director of Membership), Henry Lam (Director of Membership), Connie Nguyen (Director of Publicity), Francisco Torres (Director of Publicity), Lucretia Kim (Historian), Ellen Liang (Historian)

2011-2012 Officers: Marissa Clark (President), Cherly Ho (Vice President), Eva Pan (Director of Service), Bill Quach (Director of Service), Kimberly Lee Kin (Director of Finance), Alyssa Ng (Director of Finance), Connie Nguyen (Director of Professional Development), Mychelle Phan (Director of Professional Development), Courtney Crawford (Director of Membership), Samuel Porras (Director of Membership), Alex Poon (Director of Publicity), Richard Truong (Director of Publicity), Jenny Lam (Historian), Lisa To (Historian), Katie Vega (International Service Chair)

2010-2011 Officers: Kristin Dang (President), Katie Vega (Vice President), Yvonne Chow (Director of Service), Marissa Clark (Director of Service), Cheryl Ho (Director of Finance), Alyssa Ng (Director of Finance), Nick Mahasuwan (Director of Professional Development), Lauren Zanetti (Director of Professional Development), Cyp Bergonia (Director of Membership), Michelle Zanetti (Director of Membership), Luis Curiel (Director of Publicity), Yolanda Marquez (Director of Publicity), Irene Lam (Historian), Eva Pan (Historian)

2009-2010 Officers: Louis Han (President), Kristin Dang (Vice President), Ellyse Look (Director of Service), Richard Truong (Director of Service), Shalini Abeygoonesekera (Director of Finance), Andrew Waag (Director of Finance), Andrew Taw (Director of Professional Development), Stella Chan (Director of Professional Development), Stacy Osua (Director of Membership), Katie Vega (Director of Membership), Evelyn Santillan (Director of Publicity), Cheryl Ho (Director of Publicity), Tommy Liang (Historian), Kathy Chin (Historian)

2008-2009 Officers: Mitty Chang (President), Amy Quan (Vice President), Stella Chan (Director of Service), Dilhara Abeygoonesekera (Director of Service), Shalini Abeygoonesekera (Director of Finance), Joaquin Fraga (Director of Finance), Louis Han (Director of Professional Development), Kristin Dang (Director of Professional Development), Andrew Taw (Director of Membership), Anna Lam (Director of Membership), Paula (Director of Publicity), Marcus (Director of Publicity), Janice Song (Historian), Evelyn Santillan (Historian)

2007-2008 Officers: Mitty Chang (President), Marcus (President), Paula (President), Amy Quan (Publicity), Louis Han (Treasurer), Kristin Dang (Historian)


Past Presidents: Ro Leon ('22-'23), Tiffany Huynh ('21-'22), Claudia Bui (18'-19'), Rebecca Caabay-Lainez (17'-18'), Brian Trat ('16-'17), Ellen Davis ('15-'16), Nicole Pham ('14-'15). Lisa To ('13-'14), Eva Pan ('12-'13),Marissa Clark ('11-'12), Kristin Dang ('10-'11), Louis Han ('09-'10), Mitty Chang ('07-'09), Paula ('07-'08), Marcus ('07-'08)