Casa de Cosplay was the residence of Nikko, Chibi, Kristen, and Bree in Davis. Kristen lived in the house for three years, Nikko and Chibi for two, and Bree for one. It gained it's name due to the fact that all four of them cosplay. They are all also members of the Davis Anime Club.

There were two pets in Casa de Cosplay. Meg, which is short for Megabyte, is the house mascot. She is a black and white tuxedo cat. There is also the secret overlord betta fish whose full name is Professor Azulito Nick Valvo Danger Hans Giggleheimer Zechs Marquise Layton, El Presidente del Federacion de los Epic. Professor Layton for short.

The house was previously owned by little old lady who made a lot of expansions to their house. The bathroom is also handicap accessible.

All four of the girls moved out in the summer of 2009.