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A great place to live, but kind of expensive. I live in a 2 bedroom duplex at Casitas with two other girls, the gorgeous Davis green belt is literally right outside our window. We have a huge kitchen, huge living room, nice lofted ceilings, and speedy maintenance staff, definitely not a party neighborhood, and a really nice large backyard, however I'm paying $372 to share a room. I wouldn't recommend sharing the master room (its a bit cramped), but if you don't it'd run you about $700 for one room and $500 for the other. Either way, its definitely a great apartment complex, but you have to be willing to pay for it. - NatalieKitchiner

2005-09-02 17:51:29   I live there now. I like the mirrors on the closet doors. —PatrickRvisperas

2005-10-01 14:38:23   This is my second year here, and we'll likely renew are lease again this spring! The management is SOOOO nice! They have a big pool party in the spring with a huge buffet of free food, and they don't even care if you live there or not— it's for everyone! Plus, whenever we have a maintenance request, someone is in our apartment fixing it within the hour. —SamanthaLi

2005-10-06 22:50:09   I second the comment about maintenance being very prompt. —KenjiYamada

2005-10-07 24:53:45   The management is indeed very good. The best to be found in Davis from what i've heard. I've lived here for 4 years now, and haven't regretted it at all. This year it has gotten noticably louder (fights in the parking lot, inconsiderate residents) but it is pretty great all the same. It could be because i'm living in a different part of the complex now though. —AdamYergovich

2006-03-12 22:10:00   I looked into renting a 2B2B unit there this past weekend and felt the unit I was shown was slightly run down; the unit had greenish carpet and older looking cabinates. On the other hand, the neighborhood was nice and quite and the complex is one of the few places in Davis that have Washer/Dryer hookups. The 2B2B unit I looked at was going for $1210 as of March 2006. —GuyGordon

2006-08-18 07:23:31   Maintenance is amazing. Left message at 6:15 PM, they came the next morning to fix my leaking dish washer. Thanks guys! —DanielHoang

2007-01-14 20:45:31   Me and my friends would swim for days in the pool at casitas, this is back when were younger. If you push a chair up to the south fence, you can go from chair to fence and from fence to trellace, then you walk across the trellace and jump in the pool. Relatively unsketch, but then again you jumping over 2 feet of concrete and walking across something that isn't designed for weight... —StevenDaubert

2007-01-17 19:31:08   Dogs, cats, and snakes not allowed. But other than the fact that I couldn't bring my cat up (I'm a student), it was a great place to live. The management/maintanance IS amazing. —MeganOster

2007-01-25 00:40:01   So pets are NOT allowed? —IsabellLin

2007-08-08 19:18:06   The lease also states that rabbits are not allowed —AldenSeabolt

2008-08-29 04:09:46   I lived here for only the summer, the rent wasn't too bad and the room and kitchen was pretty spacious which was a plus. Management was also fairly nice.

However, my main complaint are the bugs in my apartment. I honestly have no clue if any of the other units are as bad as mine, but we have fruit flies everywhere and I have been visited by more than my fair share of roaches at night, which I find unusual since I don't keep trash in my room or in the kitchen. Also, the hot water in the shower taps out after about 20 min. but other than that this really isn't too bad a place to live for the price. —Lonestar07