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The Center for Leadership Learning aims to develop and cultivate a new generation of leaders who are civically and socially engaged, who demonstrate effective cultural and interpersonal communication skills, and who are prepared to successfully contribute to their professional field of choice. It's a unit under the Undergraduate Studies Office.

The Center for Leadership Learning strives to meet the program’s mission by developing a variety of co-curricular programs and activities which are available to every UC Davis undergraduate student. The Center for Leadership Learning embraces all students, despite their level of experience with leadership, who wish to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Guiding Principles Through a variety of researched-based leadership theory and models, the Center for Leadership Learning utilizes the following principles to guide their leadership education:

Leadership is an academic discipline that can be taught and learned Leadership is interdisciplinary that merges theory and practice Leadership is a process that is not solely defined by position, title or authority Leadership is ethical and just Leadership is collaborative and inclusive Leadership can be practiced, applied, and demonstrated by everyone, everywhere Leadership is purposeful that serves the common good – socially, civically, globally and environmentally

The Center for Leadership Learning provides you opportunities to invest in your personal and professional development through a variety of workshops to:

Build an impressive skill set beyond the classroom and textbooks Take new initiatives Network amongst peers and colleagues Gain valuable insights from professionals within various fields Experiment with new ideas Learn about leadership styles, and effective communication strategies Explore, and assess core leadership values http://cll.ucdavis.edu/workshops/calendar.html

The Center for Leadership Learning offers 4 optional certificate programs. Students do not need to commit to a certificate program in order to attend our quarterly workshops.

Each certificate program has its own set of requirements and completion time frame. Students who successfully complete program requirements are eligible for a certificate of completion which is signed by the Chancellor, Vice Provost - Undergraduate Education, Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs, and Associate Executive Vice Chancellor - Office of Campus Community Relations.

CLL Certificate Programs The Student Leadership Development Series (SLDS) provides leadership training in 8 topical areas and provides the opportunity to practice leadership skills in a quarter-long group project of your design. The Student Professional Development Program (SPDP) builds competencies valued by employers through interactive workshops and a quarter-long professional development experience. The Diversity Leadership Development Program (DLDP) examines issues related to social justice and builds capacity to lead in diverse organizations through dynamic workshops and a quarter-long professional development experience. The Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Series (EILS) infuses Emotional Intelligence and Leadership theory to guide experienced student leaders in their current and future leadership application.

SLDS, Winter 12-13 The purpose of the Student Leadership Development Series (SLDS) is to develop and create leaders who have the knowledge, skills, and disposition to model and practice relational leadership with the intention to influence positive change. http://cll.ucdavis.edu/certificates/slds/registration.html

The Center for Leadership Learning Peer Education program offers workshops on team-building and identifying leadership styles within a group to the greater campus community. If your student run organization, or student-based program would like to benefit from our Peer Education program, please send us a request via email to reserve a date and time. http://cll.ucdavis.edu/resources/PeerEd.html

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Students interested in learning more about our workshops and certificate programs are encouraged to drop by our Program Office and/or schedule an advising appointment. All leadership and professional development workshops are held in our Workshop Room.

Program Office Surge III - Room 1350 Emai: [email protected] Phone: 530-752-6908 Monday-Thursday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm Friday: By appointment only

Workshop Room Surge III - Room 1360 All workshops are hosted in this room, unless noted otherwise on our quarterly calendar.

Administrative Office The Colleges at La Rue - Building 168 Email: [email protected] Phone: 530-752-6908 Hours: By Appointment Only


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