2807 Seine Ave
Bob Chamness

Chamness Properties is a property management company in Davis. Some ex-tenants remain friends with Bob Chamness for years afterwards.

Photos (accurate circa 2014-2015):

Shelving comes with the room Closeup of the wall above shelvingShelving Entry way + door More shelving + window that opens to the backyard 


Older Photos (Note: Current tenants, circa 2014-2015, argue that these images do not accurately portray the current state of the room):


makeshift room, worst bedroom in the house,no official door,thin walls- rents for $575 in 2007


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2006-12-27 22:40:24   the site of Bob Chamness is [email protected] Steve is right, the man is a slumlord. He will try and get you to do all he can by promising to take money off of the rent. I'm not sure that this is legal, but it doesn't really matter as this guy's word isn't worth anything. As soon as he has you on a lease he becomes verbally abusive and demanding. He will profess deep dissapointment at your "lack of integrity" for not doing things for free and claim that him and his poor wife are just barely making it through retirement with their rental income. Bullsh**. He's just another predatory slumlord. —JustinRegnier

Bob is the worst landlord you will ever meet. He i always up in his tentants business calling you on your phone at all hours. Since I have lived there we have had 3 rotating roomates eversince because the individuals can not stand him. He seems nice and will tell you he accomadates everything and you have a choice when it comes to selecting your future housemates, but this is all lies. He takes away your rights, lowers and increases rent(very money hungry:watch out for late fees, my advice don't intial that part and don't rent the makeshift room:illegally converted against every code), very difficult to deal with, will try and slap you with a court case for everything or refuse to give you the respect you need or security deposit for that matter. Wants to only communicate wiht one person i ntheh ouse, the list could go on and on. Demands to have key to your room and access to the house, is bad about coming unannounced: for example came to shampoo carpets in one bedroom on martin luther king day, made noise for over 6hrs. Be careful of the things he says he really does not know what he is talking, thinks students are inferior and anything that he writes or types must be a legal document. Sent a friend to serve a housemate the place itself is ok ,but don't exepect to get much out of it but a in your face landlord who won't weem to go away Oh and no garage or driveway space!!!!! backyard is crap makeshift room walls are so thin can hear everything, DON'T RENT HERE UNLESS YOU PLAN ON MOVING SOON,also very difficult to break a lease without penalities

2007-11-19   I was surprised to see these comments on daviswiki. I rented one to two rooms from Chamness Properties for about 5 years and didn't run into any of these difficulties. I think I had a late fee once ($10 or $15) when I had to pay rent two weeks late. When I had problems with the house, they got fixed. There was a standing offer to do yard/house work for pay, but I always had steady work and I don't think I ever took him up on it. But it was a set amount of dollars per hour (depending on the work and the year). My rent changed, I think, once in five years and also when I rented a second room for an office. I don't remember any surprise visits, either, I was always told ahead of time someone was coming over. My dealings with Chamness Properties were always straight forward and didn't match the negative comments here. — Michael Baer

2007-11-24 16:10:32   I read with interest the negative comments posted here about Chamness Properties. I rented a room in a Chamness Properties house and did not encounter any problems with Bob Chamness. The room I rented was a very nice converted den – the same room someone has characterized as an “illegal” room.

My personal experience during my stay was the only people who had any problems with Chamness Properties were the tenants who either trashed the house or who didn’t uphold their obligations to the lease.

As with any landlord, if you sign a lease with Bob and don’t abide by the agreement, he will get on your case. He is honest and direct so you know where he is coming from.

To categorize him as a “slum lord” is ridiculous! People should not throw rocks from behind fences! If you don’t pay your rent and he ends up taking you to court, does that make him a “bad” landlord?

Bob and his wife did nothing but provide me with all the free furniture I could imagine and cook me dinner on several occasions! It's easy to see who's in the wrong if he becomes an "unpleasant" landlord towards a tenant that's trying to weasel their way out of a legally-signed contract!


2007-11-30 00:32:00   While I am not surprised to see unhappy ex-tenants mudslinging, I am surprised by the extent to which they'd go to slander Chamness Properties. I have not rented from Chamness, but I have worked for them for over a year, so I have experience with them and their properties. I like them, and I find them to be refreshingly nice, honest, and caring people (and unlike all too many Californians, not superficially so!), but I aim here not to let that color my estimation of their business. They're not the ideal landlords (I myself would replace some of the old equipment and fixtures they use...but then again, that's my fantasy where money doesn't exist and there's no reason not to replace a 30-year-old lawnmower, even if it does do its job without too much hassle). That being said, they seem to be pretty on top of communicating with tenants, and getting tenant needs taken care of well beyond their typical demesne as landlord (e.g., helping tenants acquire free or almost-free furniture and miscellaneous computer parts like wireless internet cards).

I worked on keeping the outside of their properties clean and neat, and I helped to clean the insides between tenants. Part of the reason they continue to ask me to help them—despite my very limited time now that I have returned to the life of a graduate student—is that they like my perfectionism in cleaning. They want their properties to look good and be in good condition, though they could easily pay half as much for a shoddy job.

To categorize Chamness Properties as a "slum lord" is certainly inappropriate. Their houses may not be new or in perfect condition, but they're kept in better shape than most apartments I've lived in, and absolutely up to health code standards (again, moreso than some apartments I've lived in, and I don't exactly rent from College Square...). Their rent seems lower than most, especially as much as rents have gone up in Davis in the last few years. When tenants leave a phone or e-mail message asking about something, my impression is that they respond to it quite quickly. I've gotten calls at 9am from Bob Chamness asking if I could check on a problem that a tenant had left a message about just that morning, since he was out of town and unable to do so for a few days.

I've heard from them about a few disagreements they've had with tenants—but more importantly, I've seen and smelled the crappy conditions in which some of their tenants have left their properties, not to mention the rampant disregard some tenants had for the place, inside and out, from damaged walls, stained carpets, and (cat- and human-)urine-soaked furniture to waist-high grass and weeds that tenants had agreed to landscape. Or there was the time the tenants turned off the water over the summer while Bob Chamness was on vacation, and when I went by to check on things, I found the grass to be almost completely dead. Naturally, these things are entirely the fault of the property management for expecting tenants to report problems and not do stupid shit around the property.

As for the legalities: my parents taught me that it's far more important for tenants to have every agreement with a landlord clearly written out with all necessary details. That a landlord insists on this is generally more for your sake than for theirs. To respond directly to Justin's comment: how can you expect to break a lease without penalties?! A lease is by definition a legal agreement...of course you will be penalized for breaking it! —AR

2007-12-29 21:31:21   I have to question the sincerity of the people who have referred to Bob as a slum lord. He just spent the the past week of the Christmas holiday here retiling our hallway. I personally thought the hall looked fine, but he still chose to spend an extended period of time working to make his house look even better. He cares about things like mold that might start growing in odd places, when the tenants (myself included) don't even notice its presence.

I do agree with the previous comment that stated that he tries to get you to help pay the bills and then deduct the amount from your rent, but I just started doing that, so I don't really know how it's going to go yet. Also, someone posted that it is "very difficult to break a lease without penalities"...well I'm pretty sure there is a reason leases were invented in the first place. Would you throw a fit if your cell phone company charged you a severance fee for early termination of your contract? Of course not, it's just the way things work.

Bob is also up for a nice long chat when there is no one else around to talk to. —hokusman

2007-12-29 22:25:07   I have seen several people profess surprise at the comments about Bob on this website. That would seem to indicate a pattern, no?

As to breaking the lease, the Davis model lease allows you not fulfill the lease as long as you have not yet taken possession of the property. I had not. I did bring several people by to try and help Bob fill the place(uncompensated). All of the reactions that I got were ones of disgust at the way Bob dealt with people. He is very good at playing the martyr and milking it to get people to do things for him. Once he has your sympathy, this escalates into verbal abuse and attempts to push you into doing things for him. These reactions cemented misgivings that I had about him and I notified him prior to taking possession that I wouldn't be taking the place.

When he slapped me with charges for the room not being rented out by the time my lease was due to start, I went by the place to check on it, as vacancies in Davis were pretty low and it seemed odd. I found that someone (I think his name was Eric) had moved in well before Bob claimed to have found someone. When I called him to verify that we was going to return my deposit (as he was contractually obligated to do), he started swearing at me, insulting me, and ended up hanging up on me. He also charged me $100 for "administrative charges" associated with advertising. Give me a break, the guy uses Craigslist. He did a good job of gauging just how much he could gouge without me taking him to court, I will say that. I tried to get the arbitration process going, but he refused to engage in that. I considered taking him to court, just so that the Judge would see him and hopefully remember the kind of person he is, but ended up getting busy finishing my masters'. It ended up being a blessing, I found an awesome place for the same amount, and great landlords that actually did pay me for the work I did at their place.

As to people leaving the places in disrepair, that's very true. I kept that lawn alive after it was neglected and came up with a plan to renovate the Temple house (never compensated for it, by the way). Some people just aren't fit to rent a doghouse to, and some people don't have the maturity to do the right thing in a legal agreement and as a human being. Hopefully I won't run into another Bob on the housing market. I am posting this in the hopes that you guys won't either. I think that Bob really believes in himself as the nice guy and a poor honest guy being taken advantage of. The numbers of people willing to invest time into trying to warn people off him belie this opinion, as do his relationships with longtime neighbors.

Good luck in the Davis rental market, I've wasted enough of the time in my life on this issue... —JustinRegnier

2008-01-01 18:52:50   The surprise expressed is bewilderment at how a couple tenants seem to have such a bone to pick with Chamness Properties. Perhaps not surprisingly, the tenants complaining seem to be tenants who try to break their lease...and that's the pattern that I see. I actually heard about some of the stuff you mentioned. Eric wasn't even renting the room you signed a lease for, and furthermore, he moved out before your lease started. I don't know what happened with your efforts to find someone for the room, but in the end, you didn't, and Bob had to do the work to find someone. Even if he's just advertising on Craigslist, he still has to come to Davis to show the place, taking his time and transportation costs to deal with filling your lease. It's pretty clear in the Davis Model Lease that the owner is at the very least legally entitled to charge pre-lease-commencement breakage to the resident, so long as the owner makes a reasonable effort to relet the place. Bob was looking around pretty desperately to find someone to take your spot; it's hard to find tenants right at the start of a quarter, since most people look for a place weeks or months in advance. —AR

2008-01-14 16:47:48   Bob is a horrible landlord who takes advantage of everyone he encounters. I lived in a household that had many problems with bob in everyway. I tried to get past differences and not deal with the other three t\roomates who moved in and out very quickly. Bob thinks his mediation helps find sutiable roomates ,but he just scares off people and they come to realize what a true jerk he really is. When all was said and done, he did everything in his power to corner you and not take you seriously. We had asked for a move out inspection and instead all he gave was grief, and excuses and then ended up gaining up on me for riduclous charges such as 50 dollars to clean a fireplace that our household never used, 100 dollars for adminstrative fees, 100 for liason fees with direct tv and small amounts for stupid items such as cleaning cob webs and such. Out of my 600 dollar deposit, I only received 100 dollars back and no our household did not leave the place a mess. We cleaned everything from top to bottom and even hired a professional carpet cleaning company to come and clean the carpet and yet we were still charged. He is not a nice person and has tried to verbally attack me as a tenant many times making threats and unannouced visits. One such example is when one of the tenants who moved out left some furniture and stuff behind, he claimed that if the furniture was not returned the house would be charged after having known the tenant left the items for the current tenants use. We were also charged for house items that wre purchased from a secondhand store.

His claim of letting tenants use furniture, dishes etc is just another scheme to deduct money in the end. He will most likley target one person in the house to try and deal with problems and will get in tenants personal lives. I am trying to file a suit against bob, but as seems to be a trend he ignored my certified letter and has refused to attempt to make a contact. Bob can definely be catergorized as a slum lord who takes advantages of students and tries to write the laws in his favors claiming to be knowlegable about fixing things and trying to gouge students out of their money. He will hit you with late charges so after reading all these comments if you think that you want a landlord who is rude, noisy, annoying, and in your face,rent from him, but don't be surprised if you end up being one of those unlucky individuals. Other problems with bob include raising and lowering rent as individuals move in and out, charging gardening fees and then blaming you for the grass dying threating that it is going to be 1000 dollars to replace. The property at least at the seine house is ok, but since he has fixed things and wired things gas and electric seem to much higher. He also takes over more than 3/4 of the garage with his stuff and the entire driveway with his trailer and bronco. None of the neighbors care for him and he has gotten into several arguments over the past. One of his charges that he mentions is rubbing paint off the post outside where individuals park their bikes so beware of that. Well enough has been said, I will update if i ever file a suit and let everyone know how it turned out FIND ANOTHER HOUSE:avoid 2807 seine or temple —ElizabethBarthel

2010-03-07 22:14:17   I am also surprised and quite shocked with some of the comments being made against Bob Chamness. I rented from Chamness properties for a year while I was studying at UC Davis. Bob was always prompt with resolving any issues we had, he was polite and friendly and I never had any issues with him.

I had a great time in Davis and would definitely rent from Chamness properties again if I am ever back in Davis.


2012-03-25 11:17:26   I would have to agree that this man is the worst landlord I have every come in contact with. He is manipulative, subversive, and doesn't respect privacy whatsoever. I sincerely hope that folks visit this site before signing with him because it was a very bad mistake for me. Avoid the Chamnesses at all costs. —sjmcdonnel


the 12 months i spent under his lease were absolute torture. this is by far THE WORST CREATURE ALIVE ON THIS PLANET. i hesitate to call him human. he is not human, he possesses no human qualities. i don't even know where to begin to describe how awful a creature he is. i can first assure you that living in his property will be the worst decision you have made thus far in your life. DO NOT RENT FROM HIM, HE WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL.

first of all, his property is a piece of shit. he does the poorest job of maintaining and repairing the house, many things are obviously done by him because he is so cheap that he does not want to hire a professional to properly repair/install things. the paint job sucks, the floors, carpet, walls, fixtures, plumbing is TERRIBLE, and the house in infested with cockroaches and mice that he refuses to take care of. he puts most responsibility for the property in your hands after you sign the lease, he charges way too much for rent, and tries to rip you off at every single chance he gets. having any repairs done on the house is a headache. he will take forever to hire someone because he is so cheap, wants to fix things himself, and does not want to spend any money on the house.

he first tries to charm you, befriend you, come off as a harmless fun loving guy. STAY AWAY. he continues to step over professional and personal boundaries and DOES NOT BACK OFF. he calls all day and all night (no joke- phone calls at 10 and 11pm). he is temperamental, bloated, has an inflated ego and sense of self, is controlling and self righteous, does not like to be contradicted, does not like to listen. i am pretty sure he has a strong bias against females, hearing many comments about female incompetence, while he constantly talks down to you and berates you and challenges your intelligence and common sense. he is incredibly verbally and emotionally abusive. he would often reveal way too much personal information and call way too often, making me feel very strange about the relationship he was trying to have with his tenants. he is extremely nosy and tries to pry into your personal life. also stops by the house WAY TOO OFTEN. for many months it was multiple times a week, every week. his presence is all to felt and uncomfortable.

he has made a few passing comments to me that were extremely inappropriate, sexual, uncalled for and unprofessional. i shudder at the thought.

he is extremely manipulative. i am not kidding, he tries to turn roommates against one another by creating drama, talking bad about other roommates and placing blame on them for whatever he can, then turn around and talk shit about the same roommate he was just confiding in. it is absurd. he plays favorites. if you do not comply with him, or even challenge a single word he says, he hates you and treats you even worse and will try to pin all problem and blame on you. watch out. it is impossible to stay on his good side without selling your soul. and what kind of landlord is manipulative enough to have favorites and put you on a side?! it is ridiculous!

bottom line- do not rent from this man. he is insane and will make your life hell. —miraflowers

2012-09-20 15:47:35   Between my undergrad and graduate living arrangments, I have rented from four different landlords, Bob Chamness being the most recent. I have never had any problems with previous landlords. I pay my rent on time, do not have big parties, and clean regularly. None of these characteristics changed the fact that Mr. Chamness took a decent chunk of out my security deposit and was a generally unpleasant landlord in the entire year I rented from him.

Bob inappropriately talks about his tenants behind their backs (he tries to stir up resentment within the house); consistenly nags his tenants about house and yard work; drops by the house without 24 hours notice; and takes tenants' money whenever he can.

I was most insulted by the fact that I worked extremely hard cleaning the whole property for an entire week prior to leaving only to have phony charges racked up on the security deposit. Some of the charges were plain ridiculous — $2.25 for taking out the garbage; others were insulting — charges to clean a kitchen that we'd scrubbed from floor to ceiling; yet others were blatant "wear and tear" expenses, such as recaulking a bathtub.


2012-09-20 19:35:22   This was the most inappropriate landlord I have ever rented from. aside from calling all hours of the day or night often while I was at work, this landlord does not respect any boundaries, talk shit about his tenants, and steals from you. Ever after putting in days of cleaning and replacing items I was charge for the items and labor to replace them... renter beware! —sadierengstorff

2012-09-24 14:52:10   ATTENTION- if any of his past tenants are interested in filing a complaint against this man and taking him to court, please try to contact me. i think we all have a great case for tenant abuse and manipulation, and blatant theft. —miraflowers

2013-05-01 15:10:43   Hello, I have been in one of Bob's properties for the past 8 months. I have had very few problems with him. In fact, I have found that he has been a bit too lenient with some of the other tenants in the house. In the beginning of the year, he was around fairly often, once every two weeks or so he would stop by. However, after the first 6 weeks, I never had any contact with him until recently. If there were problems with the house, the tenants talk to the designated tenant and Bob would find a solution and relay his plan through the designated tenant. My room was one of the cheapest in the house and according to the posts, I was expecting a makeshift room. However, my room is pretty nice for my low rent, it has a walk in closet and 4 conveniently located three pronged outlets. I emphasize three pronged outlets, because many of my friends in other places have rented apartments with only two pronged outlets and they are definitely an annoyance.

I know Bob has political and personal views that may conflict with the typical views of a Davis student, but he has never made me feel uncomfortable or pushed any of his views on to me. I think it's nice that when he comes to visit he brings his wife Fiona as I think my other roommates find her much more personable. Bob does seem to want to try to find a way for you to fix things on your own, with him compensating you of course, but if you can't do it, he understands and you will just have to wait a little while for something to get fixed. For example, our fence is being fixed right now because we told him about it three weeks ago and he asked if we knew anything about fixing the fence and we said no.

The nice thing about renting from Bob is that because the leases are individual, there is very little required interaction with the other roommates. So if you happen to not like your roommates, you can get by with rarely interacting with them if you want. My roommates are fairly interactive and we occasionally do things on the weekends. We have one roommate who has caused a lot of damage to the house through his pet, Bob understood this and has not involved the rest of us with the financial responsibility of the pet.

Outside of this, I suppose there is a chance that I just have the best roommates ever who take care of all the extra responsibilities people mention here and make Bob look like a great landlord. However, I think some of the responses are exaggerating his demeanor. I can't say for the security deposit part yet, though. He did mention to make sure we clean the caulk around the bathtub because it is looking moldy.

Last thing I would like to dispel. He has never been verbally abusive or even yelled at me. I have heard from my other roommates that he does get upset and yells, but not at the tenants or anybody in particular. I think if you keep your head down and take care of your responsibilities, you'll have a good time. Pay attention to the notes he leaves and the responsibilities noted in the lease (i.e. Hard Water build up, declogging Plumbing fixtures without Draino) —CliftonWagner

2013-09-07 21:43:00   Having lived a year at one of Bob Chamness' properties I can honestly say that I had no problems with Bob. I repeat: NO problems. He is a traditional, reliable guy that is invested in working with his tenants through any situation. The house sometimes required work, but Bob was very helpful with fixing or replacing [e.g. our washer] things around the house and as tenants we took care of the most basic chores, such as cleaning. I do not know the motivations behind some of the more negative comments listed here, but after reading them I can honestly say, given my experiences, that I didn't deal with any of that. Bob left us alone throughout the year. NO surprise visits, and I was NOT verbally attacked. Again, I'm not sure what the hell really happened between Bob and past tenants for them to write with extreme prejudice, but he never got in my face or insulted me. Really, he is just your standard landlord and probably people just don't get along with that kind of personality I guess. He wants things done sometimes [which are well within the responsibility of the tenants, like cleaning, some light yard work, indoor maintenance], so JUST do it. He is helpful in pointing out how to prevent issues before they start, like mold.. So just prevent it! That simple. Sometimes he can talk a lot, and called our designated 'house tenant' a lot, but to mostly discuss the house. He is just really chatty. As for me, I barely interacted with Bob, but when I did it was totally fine.

I had a great room that was big and had a fireplace. Super nice. I was also fortunate enough to have lived with other roommates I gotten along with very well and interacted with frequently during the year. Overall wonderful experience. I got my full deposit back a couple days after moving out. He even let me stay at the house with my stuff for an additional two nights while I was waiting to move into my new apartment at the end of my lease. He could have technically kicked me out, but he didn't. —JayJefferson

2013-11-27 11:57:45   i have been living at the temple residency with bob as a my landlord for two years and have not encountered any problems with bob at all. i think he does a great job at handling his duties as a landlord both by trying to see if there are problems that can be prevented in the house as well as fixing anything that i need fixed in a timely manner. socially bob has been nothing but sweet, checking up about once a month to see if everyone is happy and to make sure we don't need anything. as long as you are a good tenant, bob is a great landlord...its that simple. he has gone beyond his duties as a landlord by providing us tenants with extra things as well such as a spare bike in case one of ours breaks, a ton of house hold cleaning supplies that we should of had to buy for ourselves,vacuum cleaner, Windex, pine sole, mop, you name it!the house has everything you could need already ready... basic furniture, kitchen utilities, dishes,pots,silverware, everything you could want. and if you don't want it and have your own stuff he has his own storage so will get the optional bonus items out of the house. as a student i cant imagine a better set up. i got to move into a house that was fully equipped without having to pay to make it that way. he is even understanding about our monetary situations as students. rent should be payed by the first and yet we don't get a late charge unless it isn't sent by the 5th. and even if you know you wont be able to pay till after that day he will wave the fee and work with you as long as you let him know ahead of time. you work with him...he works with you. if you are a tenant that disrespects other tenants, disrespects the house, or cant keep up with basic responsibilities as a tenant then yes i think you will have problems here just as you would at any other house or apartment. i have a great relationship with bob and his wonderful wife Fiona and will for years to come i'm sure. —TaysiaShaffer

2014-09-26 12:25:46   I just finished living in one of Bob's residences for the past two years. He's been fine as a landlord, nothing like some of these previous comments. I left a comment after my first year here. But I will update it with more information now that I've gotten my deposit back. Most importantly, I got a fair amount of my deposit back, about 85%. I would agree with his assessment on why I was charged for some things. He made a good effort to help me retain most of my deposit and gave me an opportunity to explain exactly what I did to retain my deposit.

As I was moving out, I was going to go on vacation and put my stuff in storage during the two weeks and rent a Uhaul to move it out and then back in. When I told Bob this he offered to hold my stuff and transport it at no cost to me! This saved me upwards of $200 in moving costs.

He's also been much more personable this year, I'm not sure if that's just because I've been around for another year or because he saw my comment from last year. I would remind you to read your lease and see what responsibilities are before just doing nothing. You will get charged if you don't take care of the responsibilities outlined in the lease, Bob was upfront about this, so don't brush it off.

Overall it was a great place to stay at for a low price. —CliftonWagner

2015-01-17 23:26:47   I'm frankly shocked by how many negative reviews Bob and Fiona have received concerning their management of this property. I'm one of their current tenants and after 5 months of living here, I've had nothing but a good experience. I currently life in the so-called "makeshift room" featured in the photographs on this page. They're incredibly misleading. Bob and Fiona have done a great deal of work on the house over the years and my guess would be that those pictures were taken during a period of remodeling. At least that's the only explanation I can think of, because my room is by far the nicest in the house. I'll be putting up some pictures over the next couple days to show the current state of the room, because frankly the way it is being portrayed right now just isn't fair. I'm not sure what could have happened to give so many people such a negative impression of this house, but based on my experience I would be more than happy to rent from Bob and Fiona again in the future. They're great people and some of the better landlords I've ever had the pleasure of renting from. I'm very happy here and I'm sure whoever rents the apartment from Bob and Fiona after me will be as well. —KyleB

2015-01-27 12:08:05   I have added several photos of the room in question to the wiki. As you can see, the photos put up by an earlier tenant do not accurately portray the quality of the room at all. —KyleB

2016-06-07 15:58:35   I lived with Bob as my landlord for a year, and had very few issues. I found him and Fiona to be very fair landlords. Upon move out time he will tally up all the charges the house has accumulate and credit you for work that you have done on the house for cleaning and maintenance. I did about a day of work on the move out and although all the issues with the house had not been fixed he credited me and I ended up getting almost all of my security deposit back. Bob lives in Colorado so he does not bother the property or micromanage the residents. I found interactions with him to be very friendly and never had any issues with him being rude or demanding. —Tricia1001

2020-01-12 22:35:36   While I lived in Bob's properties, all was great. Bob works hard to ensure that any work which needs to be done on the house is done in a timely manner. If he needs to come in to the house for any reason, we would be warned in advance to ensure the timing was okay out of consideration of our schedules. He is very clear with his expectations of his tenants, and listed all rules and expectations in the lease before I signed it. He took time to paint the house and redo the front yard so that it would look nicer for us and it all turned out great. Also, while I was living there, he got new appliances put in the house so that they were new, energy efficient, and all work great; these were an amazing addition to the house. He does ask that we keep the house clean -- meaning we take care of general upkeep for the sake of protecting the house from any long-term damage -- however nothing he asks is unreasonable and are all "common-sense" expectations when renting a home from someone else. Additionally he asks his tenants to keep up with basic yard-work (i.e., watering plants and clearing overgrowth), however none of this work is difficult, requires minimal time commitment, and he makes this all very clear before allowing anyone to sign the lease. All-in-all, living at Chamness Properties was a great experience and I am thankful for having had such an honest and understanding Landlord who was so willing to listen and follow-up with any issues or concerns we experienced in their home. —em123

2020-01-17 00:18:19   I rented from Bob for several years and over that time rarely had any real problem. He always responded to any issue within a day and tried to resolve it as soon as possible. He regularly asked after the maintenance of appliances to make sure everything was working well for the tenants and offered backups if something were to break down. While I was living there, he had the front and back yards re-landscaped which not only made the property look nicer, it also drastically reduced the time and energy it took to maintain them. If Bob planned to do any work on the house or if he had to come by for a quick errand, he always did his best to give us 24 hours notice, even if he just needed to access the garage. 

The lease clearly explains all the details and Bob offers the chance to discuss any of the stipulations in it before you sign anything, so there's no reason to not be fully aware of what you're agreeing to. Overall, I thought Bob's expectations of his tenants were very reasonable and attainable - respect the house and property and in return he was a respectful and fair landlord who honestly seemed to care about the well-being of the people who were renting from him. —ambar