Chiles Road was named for Joseph B. Chiles, a rancher. Pronounced with a long "i", Chiles is often mispronounced with a short "i" like "hot chiles". Along with West and East Chiles Road, Chiles was the only access road for all of Interstate 80 in Davis. It's on the south side of the freeway.

Chiles Road starts from its western end where it changes from northbound Drummond Avenue after crossing Covell Boulevard a block from the freeway and curves to go east along the freeway. A block past Mace Boulevard at El Cemonte Avenue it changes to East Chiles Road/County Road 32b, where you will find the Yolo Fruit Stand.

There are a number of car dealerships on Chiles Road, but the most recognizable building is the PSL Building. The sign along the highway conceals a cell phone tower.


Chiles Road used to run under the Richards Boulevard freeway bridge. When the new overpass was built next to the old bridge with an earthen base Chiles Road was shortened. Parts of Research Park Drive and Cowell Boulevard have replaced some of what was previously Chiles Road.

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