Chintan Desai is a candidate for the ASUCD Senate with L.E.A.D. running in Winter 2009 ASUCD election.

Candidate Statement and Activities

Vote Chintan #1 for ASUCD Senate!

Hello All!

My name is Chintan Desai and I am running for a seat on your ASUCD Senate this winter. As an Aggie, I have had the privilege of serving UC Davis in several different capacities since entering the school in the fall of 2006. I am running this quarter precisely because I am enthusiastic about this campus and am eager to help you all make the changes you want to improve your quality of life here at UC Davis!

If you see me on-campus, please, please come by and say "Hi!" I am eager to listen to the issues and ideas you believe will help make our campus a better place! LEAD is all about empowering students to create positive change on our campus and in our community, so don't be afraid to make your voice heard!

Sincerely, Chintan Desai


  • Resident Adviser — Ryerson 2 (The Deuce) — September 2007-June 2008
  • California Aggie — City News Reporter — January 2007-June 2008
  • Legislative Intern — Assembly District 33 (San Luis Obispo) — Office of Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee — June 2008-September 2008
  • University of London Study Abroad Participant — Immersion Program, Queen Mary University of London — September 2008-December 2008

Senate Goals

First-year Outreach

  • Establish the leadership councils currently in place in the housing areas as ASUCD advisory committees
  • Work to provide senator office hours in DCs and other Student Housing areas
  • Provide residents with ASUCD developed programs that RAs can utilize to educate freshmen on how to become involved
  • Make it a requirement for ASUCD senators to regularly visit the dorms and give presentations

Campus Club Events

  • Work with Campus Events to facilitate the process of putting on club events
  • Make the event-planning process more time-efficient, which would benefit smaller clubs with less resources
  • Provide incentives for group leaders to become aware of the process of putting on events
  • Establish an easy to follow online tutorial on how to put on events which would benefit any group

Athletic Events

  • Make UC Davis football tickets available at Freeborn Hall, increasing the attendance for our Aggie sports teams!

Campus Entertainment

  • With the ASUCD Coffee House closing for renovations next year, it is important to find new areas on campus for students to hang-out between classes
  • Establish the Gunrock Pub, located in the Silo Union building and currently open only during lunch hours, as such a place
  • Work to make the Gunrock Pub a more student-friendly location by expanding its hours and establishing programs where student clubs could use the facility for meetings


  • Work with the TAPS advisory committee to move the free parking time from 10 PM to 9 PM on weekdays
  • Continue to promote beneficial TAPS programs, such as 'The Comet,' a pay-as-you-go parking meter

Renter's Advocacy

  • Partner with Steven D. Lee, former City/County Affairs Director on ongoing projects related to renter's advocacy:
  • Expanding a renter's education program, so that more students are knowledgeable about the complexities of renting an apartment in Davis
  • Institutionalizing and regularly reviewing the Davis Model Lease, thus making it more applicable to current times which would benefit landlords and tenants
  • Lobbying apartment complexes in Davis to renew leases later in the year (preferably after spring break), giving renters more flexibility in terms of planning for the next year


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2009-01-24 16:08:21   I love his Ostrowskian plan for a mock ASUCD Senate. —GregWebb