Christine Rogers

Christine Rogers was an ASUCD Senator elected on the L.E.A.D. slate in the Fall 2005 ASUCD Election, receiving more #1 votes than any other candidate in that election. She is also a Peer Advising Counselor for the Special Tranisition Enrichment Program or S.T.E.P..

As an ASUCD Senator she also served the representative to the Campus Media Board.

Candidate Statement for the Fall 2005 Election

I am a candidate for Senate on LEAD’s fall slate. This is my third year at UC Davis as a Psychology major with an emphasis in Biological Sciences.

My experience with the student body has encouraged me to have a diverse perspective on the issues students face. As a Peer Advising counselor for the last two years, I have encountered many students who are unaware of their resources. Why not centralize resources on campus? Students fail math without knowing they could go to tutors in the Learning Skills Center for help. I lost count of the many nights I’ve spent doing my own homework while getting paid to help student in math. Although, $10.58/hr is a good deal to do your own homework, I’d rather be doing my job. If the university is encouraging students to take on heavier workloads so they will graduate in four years, we need more support in our base. My desire to be a prominent figure is derived from the fact that I have been a prominent leader. I have taken on the leadership role because the next generation needs that lasting change to better their community. How is it that we pay for services we know about? We all provide the funding for resources in our un-itemized student fees. It’s like the blind consumerism used at the bookstore when you buy a $350.00 IPod and your account simply shows “Bookstore Student Charge.” Your parents may not ask questions, but you should when it comes to what your student fees actually pay for. Other campuses have establishments more conducive to their student body, so should we. ASUCD is also another important resource that many students are unaware of. I would like to be the liaison between the student body and the services. I am advocating for convenience and education about the system we spend our time and money on. What better person to have as a Senator, writing and helping to pass bills that can help bring resources together at Davis, than a someone who is knowledgeable about her resources?