Gas on 2/19/06 was $2.31

Location (store #1914)
1930 Lake Boulevard in West Davis
Daily 24-hour
(530) 756-0604

Circle K is known for having cheap gas. Their gas is occasionally cheaper than the Arco at Anderson Road and Russell. It's pretty much always cheaper then the other major gas station chains. They are owned by the Quebec company Alimentation Couche-Tard. 'Couche-Tard' means "goes to bed late" in French and the mascot is a winking owl, which can be found on certain documents in the back office. Due to being at a crossroads on the edge of town, many customers are on their way to or from surrounding farms.

They have all of the standard gas station items like pastries, giant cups of soda, and coffee. Their frozen drink is called the Froster. It is similar to a Slurpee, lacking the carbonation in Icees. Before the Froster they did have Icees, when the machine wasn't broken, often due to carbonation issues. Frosters are not carbonated in Canada, but in many U.S. Circle K stores the Froster is carbonated. There is a Redbox machine at this location which rents DVDs for around $1.50 a night. DVDs can be returned to any Redbox machine including the one located at Save Mart.

According to the USPS website, Circle K sells stamps.

There's a Cisco Aironet 350 wireless router on the ceiling that has WEP encryption, if anyone feels like wardriving.

Stonegate Car Wash used to be located next door, but now it's the eco-friendly Planet Wash (with rainbow foam!). They are not affiliated with Circle K International.

They are also the only place in West Davis that does money orders.


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Though I haven't been to them all, their gas pumps are probably in the top 5 slowest of the city. I watch cumulus clouds form and dissipate before I even reach 10 gallons. And more often than not they don't replace the squeegee cleaning solution. But they do have one of the cheapest pumps in town. And being directly across the street from my apartment, they're always good for a midnight sugar fix. Mild shady factor.JesseSingh

Their gas is consistently much cheaper then the Chevron or Shell at Anderson/Covell, and definitely cheaper than that godforsaken 76 by 113 I see so many people pumping at. Why?! It's really worth the extra minute to drive there if you live up on this side of town. Saves me a nice buck fifty most of the time.EdWins

Mostly notable for two main reasons - serves as a quick ATM (less a beer or candy or something) if you live in West Davis since no bank is close, and the other options are BofA in UMall or Safeway, and if you have an exchange propane tank (Blue Rhino, American PX?) this is the only place in town (to my knowledge) that has this service. Ace won't fill these tanks. As for gas prices, highly variable. Is there a gas prices page for Davis/Yolo county that Wiki could link to?DanielMedinaCleghorn

There is a Davis gas price page linked from gas stations.AlphaDog

Just saw it and came back to edit that out. Looks like you beat me to it. They're not listing all the gas stations in Davis, only a few. Is there another site that's more comprehensive?DanielMedinaCleghorn

"Try the Gas widget (if you're using Tiger), as this is very comprehensive and could save you some bread." — DanielMedinaCleghorn

2007-05-17 14:00:40   I usaully am a loyal patron to the circle k, however my last trip there entailed a little more drama then i usaully like out of my gas station visits. the atm/debit card thing on pump #3 is a little strange. being a college student i feel like i should properly be able to operate one of those things but this one was giving me trouble so i had to go inside and wait in line to pay. and then to top it off the latch that holds the pump in place while your filling up didnt work very well so i had to hold down the lever. oh well i mean small price to pay for the cheapest gas in town, am i right? it just seems like those mild discrepancies wouldnt really happen at a nice shell or 76 station. but hey, circle k all the way —RossTownsend

2008-04-01 18:59:15   one near me, but I'ld like to know where they get their gas from..... I'm trying to only by from those who don't import from middle east, I've already stopped buying from Speedway/Marathon, and local GetGo makets (since I can't get a straight answer from its distributer as to where they get their fuel - in their words - MANY TOP SUPPLIERS.

And I would like to only buy from the 3rd and 4th largest supplier of that fuel to put a dent in the top twos check book, while I know that $400+ a week is nothing to them, but if enough people did the same, maybe something could be done about the madness a fuel costs.

While the government fine the cereal companies not all too many years ago for price fixing, profits from fuel which runs this county seems to mean nothing to them, and with a president who made his wealth from oil, its not that big a surprize. —Les

2008-11-26 01:26:14   This place almost always have the cheapest gas in town — even cheaper than Arco. They were the first to go under $2, and right now they're at $1.79 while the rest of the stations on Covell are at $1.85 or higher. —OscarSabino

2008-11-26 08:51:50   I'm not sure what JesseSingh is talking about with the slow gas pumps comment... Never had any trouble with that, although I'm never in such a hurry that I'd mind watching a few clouds. ;) As for the "mild shady factor", don't all gas stations have shady factors? My friend and I come here occasionally for Red Bulls or whatever energy drink has a sale and no high fructose corn syrup. :) The guy working there even went in the back fridge to find us the right drinks once. —gurglemeow

2010-11-15 09:32:01   I suspect the "slowest pumps" complaint is outdated. I got my usual ~12.5 gallons this morning and it was done filling up by the time I had washed my windshield.

I typically pick a gas station based on 3 criteria: price, convenience, and quality of the squeegees. Circle K currently wins out. It's consistently a little bit cheaper than the other 4 gas stations along/near the western part of Covell. It's close to home and a fairly slight detour when heading for the freeway. And to date, every time I've been, the squeegees have been in good shape, the bins have been full of decently soapy water, and they've had paper towels. That's a win in my book. —TomGarberson

2013-01-26 19:03:28   BE CAREFUL OF THE FOOD!!!

This Circle K is the worst gas station as far as social responsibility. They may have cheap gas but BE CAREFUL of the FOOD. My child and her friend went there around Christmas time to buy some candy. They brought it home and after biting into the Hershey bar realized that there was something wrong with it.

Turns out it was over 2 YEARS old - in fact, October 2010 to be precise was the expiration date. I went back there a few days later and complained. I was told that the manager would call me - gave her my phone # of course. 2 weeks later NO CALL.

I went back and saw Eriak (nice young lady). I looked at the Hershey bars again and found ANOTHER one on TOP of the stack with an expiration date of 11/2011 - now that is over ONE year old. So, I again asked the manger to call me.

Fast forward to January 2013. I go back and tell them I'd like a call from the manager. They took my name and number again - surprised - no call from the manager?

I go to abroad for 10 days and come back - now it's January 16th. Once again STILL no call from the manager - I leave my name and number once again.

Fast forward one more time - January 20th or so. I'm advised SURELY the manager will call me to apologize or something. Today is January 26th - NO CALL TO DATE.

I will now complain to the Better Business Bureau.

Someone can probably get awfully sick from something in that Food Mart! —DavidChan

2015-07-08 11:39:02   At least two people (me and another) bought gas here (or the Circle K on Road 102 in Woodland) in early April and then had to have to get gallons of water drained from their car's gas tank and then had to spend many hundreds of $$ fixing the problem! Did this happen to you? If so post here —tjsimon1