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I'd like to put together some better formatting for all of our elected officials and the offices that they hold. The wikipedia standard for offices is great, you can easily see the predecessor, incumbent info etc etc.

This would work easily for the CA Senate, Assembly and two Davis seats on the Yolo Board of supervisors. But, for the City Council it would be a bit different since the seats aren't numbered. We could work out a convention that numbered them based on the cycle (3 seats in Presidential years, 2 seats in off years) and highest number of votes. Thus, currently it would work:

Seat 1, Davis City Council (Elected in Presidential year, highest vote getter) - Don Saylor Seat 2, Davis City Council (Elected in Presidential year, second highest vote getter) - Stephen Souza Seat 3, Davis City Council (Elected in Presidential year, third highest vote getter) - Sue Greenwald Seat 4, Davis City Council (Elected in non-Presidential year, highest vote getter) - Joe Krovoza Seat 5, Davis City Council (Elected in non-Presidential year, highest vote getter) - Rochelle Swanson

In most cases, the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem would then cycle through Seats 1 & 4.


  • Hmm, I agree that the page could use improvement. But I am a little worried about the numbering — I wouldn't want to imply that some members were "higher" than others. Also, can you link to the wikipedia standard so I (and others) can see what you're aiming at? Ok, one last question — why mention whether it was a presidential or non-presidential year? —CovertProfessor
    • Re: Templates: Check out the box on the right for a sample elected official template: Here for the office itself:
    • Re: Seat numbering convention - I don't think that "importance by implication" is a problem. The numbering convention could be easily explained on each page. The real benefit is the ease of tracking.
    • Re: Seat numbering convention by Presidential year - that's just something us PoliSci dorks do. All Davis CC election are in even numbered years, 3 happen in the same year as the US President is elected, 2 don't. This convention is used by all County Clerks and the States to have a standardized schedule of elections. Thus, I could tell you what exact calendar date we'll be electing Seats 1,2,3 in the year 2408CE.