Michael Webb
City Manager
(530) 757-5602
[email protected]
23 Russell Blvd.
Davis, CA 95616

The job of the City Manager is to coordinate the overall administrative activities and operations of the city; and to advise and assist the City Council, exercising independent judgment and initiative. (Reference: Position #11000 job specification PDF from the City of Davis web site.)

The current city manager is responsible for the dismissal of the city's only tree crew, with no apparent plans regarding their replacement. It would appear that he intends to cut even more positions within the city's ranks, resulting in an even greater reduction in the city's ability to provide necessary services. The official line is that these people's pay will go towards money the city owes the Davis City Employees Association for errors made during a labor dispute.

The City Manager is paid $158,700 annually.

On Tuesday, July 26, the Davis City Council named Steve Pinkerton the new City Manager.

Past City Managers