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Temporary Building near Wickson Hall
M-R: 10a.m.-4p.m.
Fri: 10a.m.-2p.m.
(530) 752-7638
[email protected]
Parent Organization
Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD)
Sara Okholm

Disclaimer (Memorial Union Reconstruction)

Starting March 23, 2015, the departments of Campus Recreation and Unions (CRU) and Design and Construction Management (DCM) will begin the Memorial Union Renewal. This comprehensive renovation will make the historic Memorial Union a more dynamic environment and integral on-campus destination for students and others in the UC Davis community. The project will maintain the integrity of the Memorial Union as a historic facility, reinforcing its importance to the campus. In addition, a number of critical and strategic improvements will meet the needs of a growing student population and enhance the student experience. The Memorial Union Renewal includes the following improvements:

  • The creation of a new, more dynamic entry to the northwest side of campus and to the Memorial Union itself.
  • A new two-story lobby in the north face of the Memorial Union.
  • Increased lounge/study space.
  • A new home for the UC Davis Veterans Affairs Office.
  • Expanded opportunities for UC Davis Stores and ASUCD to serve the student population and campus community, including new and updated retail spaces.
  • Improvements to the North and South Memorial Union Plazas.
  • Critical improvements in compliance with seismic codes and ADA requirements.


You can find information for the project at the Campus Recreation and Unions Website or their Facebook Page.

Classical Notes is an ASUCD unit that will pay you to take notes for a class. These notes are then photocopied and made available to students as a subscription or individually by lecture. Students may also buy these notes on the classical notes website and view them online. These notes come in handy when you miss a lecture and don't know anyone in the class that you can get the notes from. Classical notes shares windowspace with Campus Copies and will work in tandem during and after the MU renovation. 

Campus Copies Printing

Regular White $0.08 / sheet (1-99 copies)$0.07 (100-199 copies)$0.06 (200-499 copies)$0.05 (500+ copies) Colored Paper $0.10 / sheet (1-99 copies)$0.09 (100-199 copies)$0.08 (200-499 copies)$0.07 (500+ copies) Legal + $0.03 / sheet Double Sided Prints + $0.03/ sheet 11 x 17 + $0.06 / sheet Cardstock + $0.04 / sheet 100% Recycled + $0.02 / sheet Resume Envelopes $0.10 Resume Paper $0.15 / sheet Transparencies $0.90 Binding (incl. cover) $3.00 Ream of Paper (White) $8.00 Ream of Paper (Color) $10.00 Ream of Paper (Cardstock) $12.00


3mm 11×17 $2.00 3mm 8.5×11 $1.50 3mm 8.5×5.5 $1.00 10mm 11×17 $2.25 10mm 8.5×11 $1.75 10mm 8.5×5.5 $1.25

Faxing Services

Long-distance $2.00 / page one $1.00 / additional page International $3.00 / page one $1.50 / additional page To receive $1.00 / page

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2014-10-09 14:04:19   Classical Notes is great. Their notes are usually very well-done, although I wish they had more UTD notes at times.

My only complaint is that their online, scanned notes are much poorer in quality. They're somewhat whitewashed, and the webpage you view them on is poorly setup, making it difficult to use (you cannot download the notes as one file either, though you can right-click — > save as on individual pages).

You're better off buying a hardcopy, IMO. —ThisIsMyRealNameThough

2015-03-17 23:48:38   Definitely get a hard copy. The online version does not download to your computer, the pages load via internet (as a photo) each time. It takes longer to load than to read a page most of the time —jrnorth

2015-03-18 00:13:00   ^^ long wait times can be circumnavigated by opening 3 tabs of the notes and cycling them :) —jrnorth